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Prey 2 Is Alive For Now

There’s some good news and bad news concerning the current saga revolving around Prey 2.  As you may recall rumors surfaced last month which pointed to Prey 2 being cancelled by publisher Bethesda Zenimax – a situation that seemed totally random.  Further details on the cancellation report were non-existent and were simply ignited by the lack of a response from Bethesda and lingering rumors of budget concerns being the root of the supposed concerns/issues with Prey 2.

Well at long last Bethesda Zenimax has issued an update concerning Prey 2 and it’s kind of 50/50 on the good news/bad news department.  As of now Prey 2 has not been cancelled but will miss it’s once scheduled 2012 release window and will now appear on consoles and the PC sometime next year.  In a somewhat non sugar coated statement Bethesda Zenimax had this to say concerning the delay of Prey 2, “The delay is due to the fact that game development has not progressed satisfactorily this past year, and the game does not currently meet our quality standards.” 

While Bethesda didn’t outright say “Prey 2 is currently poop” it is nice to see that some honestly was said concerning the situation of the project. Further details on Prey 2 weren’t revealed in a formal capacity, but rumors currently have it that Human Head, the studio developing Prey 2, stopped working on the project back in November due to contractual disputes i.e. they wanted more money and Bethesda weren’t budging.  Halting the development of Prey 2 led to Human Head staffers jumping ship and/or being fired and the status of the project being up in the air – that’s until now as per this announcement by Bethesda.

Given the situation of the game as it stands now and the issues that may be going on between Human Head and Bethesda it wouldn’t surprise me if we find ourselves in a Duke Nukem Forever situation. By that I don’t mean that Prey 2 will be an aged pile of garbage with no true soul behind it but that the game may switch developers or go through substantial revisions compared to what we initially saw.  

Bethesda may not pull a Capcom and have an unlikely studio take over the development of Prey 2, but we could see a studio such as Machinegun Games (which Bethesda owns) do clean-up duty or lend a major helping hand in the project; an occurrence which wouldn’t be all that bad considering the studio comprises of former Starbreeze vets. The fact that Human Head is considering doing a Rune remake/sequel and are reportedly doing another project somewhat has me in the thought that they were kicked off the bench by Bethesda and a reliever is going to come in to finish up Prey 2.

Not much chatter has surrounded what kind of issues surrounded Prey 2 from a design standpoint but I think those who were initially blown away by the sandbox gameplay the game offered better strap in for a finished product that only has a fraction of those elements if it isn’t entirely retooled to suit whatever hot trends happen in the next year or so. On one hand it’s nice to see that Prey 2 is still alive but it’s also distressing to learn that things haven’t gone smoothly on the development side of things.

It would be nice to see the game appear at E3 in some capacity like it did last year, but as of now I think Prey 2 will simply be that game people talk about and wonder what the hell is going on until it finally comes out of its cave.