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Solidus Snake Play Arts Kai Figure Is Big And Looks Evil

Fans of video game antagonists sporting mustaches and who reside in a grey area may be happy to see the final version of the Play Arts Kai Solidus Snake figure. The chief baddie from MGS2 is next in line to receive the high-end toy treatment and he honestly looks as badass as a Big Boss clone turned President turned tentacle suit wearing villain can look.

Unveiled by Hideo Kojima via Twitter the Solidus Snake figure maintains the high level of quality the Play Arts Kai series is known for. In the past few months both Square Enix and Konami have been on a roll in offering new figures in the line with the last being the extremely cool looking Cyborg Ninja figure.  

Besides nailing the well-trimmed George Sears mustache, the Solidus Snake figure doesn’t look that goofy as he instead looks like a complete boss.  I think there’s still a debate as to whether the suit worn by Solidus made sense in MGS2, but as a toy it looks amazing as the paint job is superb and the slight modifications done to make the suit look cohesive to that of the MGS universe really sells the figure for me.  

The Solidus figure won’t have any interchangeable features but he will include two guns, since such a thing is required for a villain wearing a goddamn tentacle suit. Seriously, that really speaks to how evil Solidus was as the man was wearing a special suit but just had to go about brandishing swords and guns to really stick it to those who stood in his way.  

Just like some of the more recent MGS figures to be unveiled by Kojima a North American release hasn’t been announced but will most certainly happen within the next year. I really like all these MGS Play Arts Kai figures but trying to maintain the collection is something that will make my bank account cry since each figure is $50 bucks.  But such is the hardship that video game collectors go through to do the things they love.