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New Star Trek Trailer Has A Ton Of Intense Phaser Pew-Pewing

We could be on the cusp of something special in the video game industry: a game based on a movie franchise may not be total trash.  I know that such a statement may indeed be shocking to hear, but based on this latest trailer for Star Trek: The Video Game I think Trekkies and video game fans alike may have just cause to be excited.

First announced last Summer, the Star Trek game originally didn’t receive a lot of buzz.  Despite being based on the universe envisioned by J.J. Abrams, the whole concept of engaging in some co-op based Star Trek action seemed a little too much like a case of focus testing gone amok.  At the time of its unveiling not a lot was shown of Star Trek beyond some in-game images, but now we have a better look at the game which shows of quite a lot of phaser pew-pewing.

Put together like a good old-fashioned movie trailer, this newest look at Star Trek shows quite of bit of dramatic and intense action involving Kirk and Spock blowing stuff up or doing dangerous tasks like base jumping off a cliff on an alien planet.  The plot of the game still hasn’t been revealed but apparently there’s going to be plenty of alien landscapes and the common industrial style settings one typically associates with the Star Trek franchise.  

Usually with games based on movies one of the biggest problems is that there’s a disconnect between the style of the film and what’s found in the game. But based on this Star Trek video I think developer Digital Extremes has done a solid job at nailing the look of the new Star Trek universe in its sleek sci-fi glory.

Obviously the big question still remains if Star Trek will actually be fun to play or simply be another dull 3rd person action game.  There are tons of ways a Star Trek game can be amazing but there are also a ton of ways for things to go horribly wrong in a sort of way that makes it feel as if Q is trolling all of us.  Digital Extremes may have provided us with a decent experience in The Darkness II, but I just hope that Star Trek isn’t simply an updated version of Dark Sector, a game which was beyond stiff or a 3rd person shooter.

For now I guess all we can do is marvel at how damn pretty this trailer is and hope that the game is good, even if it doesn’t include Sherlock Holmes beating the crap out of Spock.