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Potential Good Or Bad Situation: EA Is Pitching A Need for Speed Movie

The films we’ve received that have been based on video games haven’t been that good, with a few exceptions of course, but that isn’t stopping EA from doing something extremely unexpected and slightly dumb.  

Over the years EA has somewhat modeled themselves after Hollywood studios by producing big franchise games with intense visuals and in some cases known Hollywood talent portraying the characters we either control or interact with.  Unlike other game studios that have gotten their franchises to the big screen such as Capcom and Konami, EA hasn’t yet seen one of their franchises hit the big screen but that could soon change.

According to Variety EA is making a pitch for a Need for Speed film.  Yup, out of all the franchises EA has the company has decided that NFS is the one that is best suited for a film adaptation.  The progress in the NFS film isn’t far along as EA has recruited screenwriter John Gatins (Real Steel) to help mold a script that is being shopped around studios at the moment.  EA has already done the pitch game to Hollywood before with the Dead Space franchise but at the moment that project is floating lifeless in space with no sign of it being rescued.  

There aren’t any signs that any studios will bite and pay to have the privilege of making a NFS film, but supposedly Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., and Paramount are circling the project.  Out of the three I think Sony could be the likely one to land the project as the studio likes to produce mid-budget fair that can make a decent profit.

The mere fact that EA has decided to pitch a NFS movie is a bit befuddling considering the franchise is all about racing and never once has been about the characters that inhabit that world. Yes, there have been story based NFS games but have any of those ever been good?  The last attempt at crafting an intense story in a NFS game was the woefully executed NFS: The Run which came across as if a 14 year-old boy wrote it. But who knows, perhaps EA has recognized that they have a goldmine on their hands if 5 million+ adolescent boys fork over $12 opening weekend to see a NFS movie co-starring a hot but extremely talentless Victoria’s Secret model.

A NFS movie could be fun if it’s presented in a slightly goofy way, but with how awesome the recent “Fast and Furious” films have been I can’t help but think EA is a bit lttp.  Maybe action filmgoers will be lucky and have two kick ass vehicle based films to look forward to or maybe we’ll have yet another case of a video game movie that either goes nowhere or joins the Super Mario Bros. film on the list of movies never to be watched again.

Btw, if a NFS movie happens it needs to be centered on Razor Callahan. Dude is amazing.