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Namco Announces Dragon Ball Z Kinect. Has Kinect Star Wars Been Beaten In The Silly Department?

Announcements such as this make me happy to be both a game and a purported game journo as who would’ve ever expected a Dragon Ball Z game to appear on the Kinect?  No, this isn’t a joke as Namco Bandai has officially announced that the classic manga/anime will appear in yet another video game entry that this time takes advantage of Microsoft’s snazzy Kinect motion device.  Developed exclusively for the Kinect, the new Dragon Ball Z outing will make gamers feel like a Super Saiyan warrior through a bevy of moves but the big question on my mind is this: will there be a dance mode?

Developed by Spike Chunsoft, Dragon Ball Z for the Kinect (official title btw) will of course be a brawler which will not only put gamers in epic battles but put them into the world of DBZ in a first-person perspective.  Yup, the world has completely gone bonkers as we’re receiving a DBZ game with first-person segments made exclusively for the Kinect. All I need now is confirmation that the game is running on Unreal Engine 3 and it’ll officially be like I’m living in a Twilight Zone episode.

Major details weren’t given as to the combat mechanics of Dragon Ball Z for the Kinect, but the game will require gamers to move as their on-screen character to perform an uncanny 100 different moves.  Yes, it does seem like DBZ for the Kinect will give us a workout as learning 100 moves, including the classic Kamehameha, will no doubt be taxing on the body over time. In general it seems like Namco has big plans for DBZ Kinect as the game will have over 50 playable characters, one of which will be entirely new to the franchise.  Who this new character is wasn’t revealed nor was it mentioned if Dragon Ball creator/artist Akira Toriyama will be designing the character. If Mr. Toriyama isn’t lending his talents then I fear that the end result may be something that looks like a bad piece of fan art.

Dragon Ball Z for the Kinect may sound like it’ll be the anime equivalent of Kinect Star Wars but I hope that won’t be the end result. There’s definitely the possibility that the game won’t be epic as doing a fighting game utilizing the Kinect hasn’t been executed properly so far. But if the game were to take a somewhat basic approach to how moves are performed, perhaps similar to Diabolical Pitch, then the game may be fun and provide DBZ fans with some nice material as it’ll include new anime footage never before seen in the U.S. But if DBZ for the Kinect doesn’t live to its potential as a fighting game at least we can rest easy in knowing that Namco won’t do anything silly such as including a dance mode with riffs on 1970s disco songs.

Dragon Ball Z for the Kinect will be released this October in North America.