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Namco Registers Pac-Man Smash, Let The Guessing Game Begin

We already know that Namco has some big plans for Pac-Man as the company has already successfully sold their original CG Pac-Man cartoon for a 2013 airing.  Besides the Pac-Man cartoon, which could either be amazing or dreadful, we have the first clue as to what Namco could be doing on the video game side of the Pac-Man franchise.  Uncovered by Siliconera, Namco Bandai has filed a European trademark for something called Pac-Man Smash.  

Besides announcing the Pac-Man cartoon Namco Bandai has stayed extremely quiet about what would be next for their iconic character.  We all know Pac-Man games will never cease to be but after the rather amazing Pac-Man Championship Edition it was unknown when or in what form we would see the power pellet eating character return in.  Obviously Namco Bandai has something in the works as evident by the Pac-Man Smash registration but what could it be?

Still unannounced by Namco, Pac-Man Smash could be the first tie-in game for the CG Pac-Man cartoon seeing as how it’s a project Namco is banking a lot on.  The trademark registration for Pac-Man Smash obviously held no clues or details as to what the project could be so of course we need to play the guessing game until E3 or whenever Namco deems it adequate to announce the project.  

So far the popular theories as to the nature of Pac-Man Smash has it as a potential brawler, as per his appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken, or some sort of potential Hulk smash-up in which Pac-Man takes the friendly gloves off to smash stuff, perhaps following in the destroy everything footsteps taken by Ridge Racer Unbounded.  Personally I’m hoping Pac-Man Smash will be an adventure game featuring the hero destroying characters by smashing them with his butt, as he did in the old PS1 Pac-Man adventure games. Obviously such butt smashing could lead to some potential celebs to promote the game like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose, merely to feature them in tight yellow dresses showing off their derriere as folks on GAF critique every promo they appear in, cue the sharp knees debate.

Obviously most of the guesses folks have taken about Pac-Man Smash are likely incorrect which could lead to some amazement or disappointment once the game is finally revealed. I doubt Namco will take the Pac-Man franchise in a direction it shouldn’t go, but I just hope we don’t end up with yet another iconic franchise tarnished by a lackluster game.