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New Aliens: Colonial Marines Screens and Video May Either Please Or Disappoint You

If there’s one sci-fi FPS game that people seem to be generally excited about its Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Being the franchise that initially started the space marine craze, at least in the world of cinema, Aliens was a kick-ass film and having the opportunity to experience that in a video game is something that may be too good to pass up, even if we’re all sick and tired of dudebro corridor shooters.  Sega and developer Gearbox Software have played things quietly since showing Aliens: Colonial Marines at PAX Prime last year, but now the game has returned with some exciting new media.

So far there are a lot of aspects about Aliens: Colonial Marines that could go either way. Will we receive the same Gearbox brilliance that gave us Borderlands or will we have another Duke Nukem Forever on our hands? Will the game be too scripted or will it have the perfect amount of scripted scenarios and unpredictable action to make us all jump every time we play the game?  We may not have the answers to questions such as those just yet, but it seems like Aliens: Colonial Marines is progressing nicely – or at least as nicely as a video game based on a mega film franchise can.

While I have yet to go hands on with the game, Aliens: Colonial Marines looks to be a solid if not slightly predictable FPS game.  The footage Sega and Gearbox released today seems to be taken from an early section of the game as its set aboard the Sulaco, the ship that Ripley and company flew on in Aliens.  The set-up for why a new bunch of space marines were aboard the Sulaco hasn’t been divulged nor has it been cleared up if Colonial Marines will indeed branch with a completely new narrative history or still take place within the core Alien canon. Right now I think the game may be leaning towards the former seeing as how one of the newly released screenshots depicts Bishop the android still cut in half on the launch bay floor. Poor Bishop simply can’t catch a break can he?

Bishop really needs a hug and a new lower body.

Right now if there’s one aspect of Aliens: Colonial Marines we need to worry about its whether or not the game will be holding the hands of players as they experience it.  The E3 presentation I saw last year was a bit linear but seeing as how that’s a demo I didn’t think much of it. However, seeing this new gameplay video for the game does have me worried seeing as how the Aliens don’t seem to put up much of a fight and there’s very little impact to them at all (no major dismemberment, no acid blood damage on the player or minimal effect on environment).  

I don’t think Aliens: Colonial Marines will be a bore nor do I want it to be seeing as how I’m a huge fan of the franchise, but it would be nice to see more elements that lean more towards the sci-fi horror roots of the series. We're bound to see more of Aliens: Colonial Marines in the coming months and those attending PAX East this weekend can check the game out for themselves.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be available later this year on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.