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More Footage Of Free Radical's Version Of Star Wars Battlefront III Is Released

Just to depress us even more, some additional footage of Free Radical’s version of Star Wars Battlefront III has leaked.  A long gone project at this point due to the closure of Free Radical back in 2008, it’s odd to see more footage of Battlefront III leak but at the same time this may be the closest we’ll get to seeing what a PS3/Xbox 360 Battlefront game would look like seeing as how LucasArts have been dragging their feet on the matter.

In case you need a brief history lesson on the Battlefront III saga here’s how it stands right now:  Back near the start of the HD generation LucasArts selected Free Radical (Timesplitters, Haze) to do a new installment of Battlefront.  The news of a Free Radical helmed Star Wars game was never publicly announced with a grand reveal but it was common knowledge amongst many who in turned later began to wonder why the game was never being shown. Cut to 2008 and Free Radical closes their doors mostly in part because LucasArts pulled Battlefront III from them due to reasons unknown by the general gaming public.  Gamer rage later intensified when a leaked video was released showing the Free Radical version of Battlefront III which except for a few odd animation issues looked like a fun game.  

Jump to today and suddenly we have footage of Battlefront III taken from a very early build of the game which reportedly pre-dates the later builds Free Radical was able to assemble.  So with that in mind just try not to go into “gamer spots flaw mode” upon watching the video.  While noticeably buggy and early, Battlefront III looked good conceptually and I’m still saddened that LucasArts pulled the project from Free Radical.  Old Free Radical members have never spoken out regarding what transpired with Battlefront III, but supposedly the studio fell behind some of their milestone dates which in turn began to affect the PS2/PSP version of the game, which if you remember was being developed by Rebellion.

Right now the status of Star Wars Battlefront III is unknown though rumors have pointed towards Spark Unlimited being the fourth developer to take a stab at the game. Yes, three previous developers have attempted to make a Battlefront III game and LucasArts has squashed each one.  I don’t know if we can expect a major Battlefront III reveal at E3 this year but I’m not terribly excited about the project unless Spark has totally turned around their focus and talent as a studio since their previous projects, specifically Legendary: The Box, have been terrible.

Huge thanks to Past To Present Online for uploading the Battlefront III video.