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See What It Takes To Become A Soldier In Steel Battalion Heavy Armor [Video]

For nearly two years it’s been hyped as one of the premier experiences on the Kinect for core gamers and soon we’ll see if Steel Battalion Heavy Armor will deliver the goods.  Scheduled to drop exclusively on the Xbox 360 this year, Steel Battalion’s return will reach some gamers sooner as expected since it’s one of the many games that will be playable at PAX East this weekend. I’m trying my best not to go into angry kid mode since I won’t be attending PAX East to partake in some mech vs. mech action, but this new video for Steel Battalion has stopped me from throwing a hissy fit since it looks really damn cool.

We’ve seen glimpses of Steel Battalion Heavy Armor’s core gameplay and how it combines gesture based Kinect movements with traditional controller inputs.  It may seem odd to receive a Kinect game that actually requires controller inputs, but based on this tutorial video for the game I must say that things look manageable if not make logical sense in the world that Heavy Armor is set in.  Using Kinect movements for activating the VT (Vertical Tank) doesn’t seem gimmicky and using the controller to aim and fire thankfully ought to keep our arms rested and avoid any odd targeting issues.

Seeing some extended gameplay footage of the game has me hoping for the best since Heavy Armor boasts a realistic combat style that isn’t seen too often in games today.  I know that we don’t see massive VTs on the battlefield in real life, but the general flow of combat and design of the world has a grounded approach that I like and ought to make for a different gameplay experience compared to other mech games.

The only issue I’m worried about in Heavy Armor are the somewhat middle of the road visuals.  Getting a full gauge on the visual capabilities of a game in a three minute video may be impossible, but the game did look a bit flat in a few areas and almost abundantly grey as well.

If one of you lucky folks out there will be attending PAX East this weekend be sure to let us know what you think of Steel Battalion Heavy Armor on our Facebook page.