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Sony Reveals New Games For PlayStation Home That May Be Worth Scoping Out

The core PlayStation community may no longer have any interest in PlayStation Home or simply aren’t aware that the service is still up and running, thus their digital abode likely has massive cobwebs.  Since it debuted Home was a neat concept that somewhat failed on some of the promises it made (mass in-game party launching, having a Trophy room), but it has evolved and has still been a viable business outlet for Sony.  I’ll admit that I’ve followed the steps of some gamers by not going into Home on a daily basis, but upon entering Sony’s would-be digital world again a few months ago I was impressed with how the service had grown and actually had some games of substance instead of being blatant advertisements.

Sony’s push for Home is continuing even though we may be reaching the end of the PlayStation 3 lifecycle. Sadly Sony hasn’t decided to put Home on the Vita just yet or add the device as the main PDA device for gamers in Home, as the PSP once was used, but instead three major core driven games are being added to Home.  In case you haven’t travelled into Home for some time, the service now has some actual games to play including a futuristic racing game akin to Wipeout, a 1930s multiplayer shoot-em-up, and a Killzone shooting game.  So yeah, Home has some goodness for people to partake in. But in the coming months Sony will be launching a new 3rd person shooting game, a multiplayer based pirate game, and a fantasy based RPG.

Available to gamers right now is one of Sony’s new Home offerings in the form of Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove, a game that I may end up digging simply because it features pirates.  Certain elements of Cutthroats look rigid, but being able to engage in ship battles is something unique in the world of Home compared to some of the other offerings.  

If pirate games aren’t your thing and you prefer shooting people with an automatic weapon as opposed to a cannon then maybe No Man’s Land will be more your thing. Schedule to arrive in Home this Spring, the game is a 3rd person shooter with multiplayer elements in which it’s simply you trying to survive and move on if your life isn’t ended swiftly. I never expected a cover based shooter to appear in Home, but No Man’s Land looks interesting and thankfully favors a more serious and realistic vibe as opposed to being yet another dudebro shooter.  I don’t expect No Man’s Land to become the next major thing in the PlayStation community, but it looks like a nice effort that may be worth checking out.

Last in the new offering’s being dished out in Home is Mercia, a 3rd person RPG.  Presented in a slightly standard fantasy presentation, Mercia probably won’t be as epic or intense as Skyrim but it may fulfill the need some gamers have for a fresh RPG experience or simply one with an old-school approach. Out of the three game announcements Mercia was the only one announced without a video but that could be because the game is bound for a Summer release so it could still be a bit too rough around the edges to show just yet.

Will games such as No Man’s Land or Mercia bring in a massive new audience for Home? I kind of doubt it’ll change the view some people have on the service, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction compared to just focusing on providing micro-transactions or a simple themed area based on a movie or upcoming game.  I don’t know if Home will play a key role in Sony’s plan for their next-gen console but it would be nice to see the service grow and perhaps reach the massive scope that Sony originally devised.