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Max Payne 3 Offers The Goods On The Multiplayer Side Of Things [Video]

It may sound insane to imagine that a developer would wait until a month and a half before a game is released to finally show off the multiplayer elements. These days having a multiplayer mode is almost mandatory no matter what the game is so not showing what sort of online action gamers can engage in may seem a bit illogical. But in the grand scheme of Rockstar Games holding back on showing the multiplayer element of Max Payne 3 made sense and they could simply do such a thing without receiving grief since most of us knew in the end the product would be worth it.

Today brings us our first footage of the multiplayer modes of Max Payne 3 in a new Design and Technology video.  Most of the time there’s a small disconnect of sorts between the single-player and multiplayer modes of a game in respect to specific features, but Rockstar Studios have found a way to not only retain the core elements they’ve designed for Max’s single-player adventure, but also elevate the game beyond just being a slightly modified version of what Red Dead Redemption provided.

Seeing things such as how Rockstar solved the issue of putting bullet time into the multiplayer modes (it only slows down enemies in your line of sight) and seeing the final kill cam cuts has left me really impressed.  The modes Rockstar has devised such as Gang Wars and Payne Killer both look interesting as will and I think Gang Wars may be the go-to match for many gamers or at least those who want a video game version of the movie Elite Squad.

The attention to detail Rockstar has put into the multiplayer component of Max Payne 3 is rather staggering, more so since they didn’t simply give us a bunch of by the numbers modes with no unique factors.  There are still a few unknown factors about how the multiplayer aspect of Max Payne 3 will fair since the special abilities, dubbed Bursts, could be one of those iffy things that either ruins a game or simply results in an unbalanced experience. But for now I’m just going to enjoy the prospect of shooting fools with bullet time and going all Chow Yun Fat on people in an engaging multiplayer experience.