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Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack Teases Of A Popular IP Returning Soon

This could be yet another set-up for major disappointment, but Silicon Knights honcho Denis Dyack is once again making some moderately bold claims about the company. No, Dyack has yet to completely lose his mind as he hasn’t gone on a popular message board to post something that only a 12 year-old troll would do, but he has instead made a tease about a supposedly major project his studio is working on.

Since releasing Too Human in 2008 Silicon Knights has gone down a slippery slope with bold comments, games that are subpar, and money going to fund who knows what.  The studio has never been on the cusp of closing, that’s probably because the Canadian government gives them money, but if one or two more major duds were to be released I think Silicon Knights would have to face some major consequences.  The fate of the Too Human franchise is still unknown but according to Dyack his team is working on something that gamers have been wanting for years.  In an interview with GamesIndustry.Biz Dyack said, “We're really excited and we're working on our next generation stuff. We're working on an IP that's our most requested and we're really excited about that."

For the past few years Silicon Knights hasn’t done much outside of some IPs that never got off the ground, the slight debacle that was Too Human, and the forgetful X-Men: Destiny which I assume is now in a landfill next to copies of E.T. for the Atari.  It was always assumed that beyond whatever projects Silicon Knights were developing to pay the bills that they may have a smaller passion project going on that they hoped to do fulltime if certain things panned out.  While Dyack didn’t drop any hints as to which most requested IP the studio is returning to, it could be highly possible that we may receive an Eternal Darkness follow-up.

One of the few games for the GameCube that literally scarred the living daylights out of those who played it, Eternal Darkness is an underrated gem in the sense that it should’ve received a sequel by now.  The 3rd person survival horror elements of the game may seem passé now, especially in the eyes of publishers who think that genre will garner lower sales, but in the end Eternal Darkness was an excellent game that has a huge following. Seeing as how Eternal Darkness and Too Human were the last two IPs the studio created that were released, I doubt we would see Silicon Knights do something else as they pretty much have nothing at this point.

So could an Eternal Darkness sequel/spiritual successor be a good possibility to see on the Wii U in the coming months?  Given how Silicon Knights reportedly has a good relationship with Nintendo and how it’s nice to have a few unique core centric games at the launch of a new system, I think it’s a good possibility.  It may seem odd for Nintendo to return to a franchise created by a 3rd party studio nearly 10 years later, but I would like to imagine that they recognize the brilliance in having a survival horror game on the Wii U since I’m sure some inventive things could be done with that controller.

Hanging on the words of Denis Dyack is probably the last thing any of us want to do, but maybe in this case there’ll be a payoff and Silicon Knights will finally get back on track. Or there’s simply the chance that Eternal Darkness Wii U will be terrible and simply put gamers in the mindset that Silicon Knights needs to go bye-bye sooner rather than later.