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Mass Effect: Team Assault (FPS Multiplayer Game) Looks Ok In This Leaked Video

We haven’t had any good leaks lately in respect to footage of cancelled video game projects but that changes today with our first and only possible look at Mass Effect: Team Assault, the proposed Mass Effect spin-off game that was to be a competitive FPS entry in the series.  First revealed in Geoff Keighley’s The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 feature, the FPS entry in the Mass Effect series was once considered but ultimately pushed aside in favor of putting a dedicated multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3, a move which I would imagine was one of the more sensible things BioWare decided to do concerning that project.

The initial reaction of a potential FPS Mass Effect game was met with mixed attitudes amongst fans of the series and I don’t think much will change after folks watch this video.  Part of the early prototype BioWare had running back in 2010, Mass Effect: Team Assault has some moments where it looks good but it ultimately looks like a typical FPS and in the case of the Mass Effect universe that’s a damn shame.  Direct FPS action isn’t shown in the prototype footage but I get the feeling based on watching the vehicle sections and based on how the map looks that we wouldn’t have a tactical FPS game at all and instead simply another sci-fi pew-pew game.

Perhaps with a bit of fine tuning and focus shifts Mass Effect: Team Assault would’ve turned into a decent sci-fi FPS game, but I get the feeling that it would’ve simply been yet another misstep for the Mass Effect franchise which is already too action oriented for some fans of the series.  There’s still the slight chance that we could see Mass Effect: Team Assault pop up in some form down the road seeing as how both EA and BioWare love money and people aren’t completely sick of Mass Effect for the time being.