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TL;DR - Mar 23 - Mohawks, Prey 2, Adventure Time!


Happy Friday fellow Shogunites! The week, as long as it may have felt, has finally concluded its grind. Its time to kick back, relax, and dig into whatever game you’re currently working your way through… unless you’re the going out on Friday night kind, in which case: Happy Saturday! Today’s TL;DR offers up some exciting news for the DS in the form of an Adventure Time game. Ubisoft is making plans to shave heads and tattoo attendees at PAX East (exciting!), and some GDC cancellations have the internet talking games that might be canned.


The News:

Adventure Time on the DS:

If you haven’t checked out Adventure Time yet, you really ought to. It’s a prime example of the fact that cartoons didn’t die out in the 90s… though I’ll still admit we had it pretty good back then. All rose-tinted glasses and nostalgia conversations aside, Adventure Time is one of my favourite animated series of recent years, and with its numerous hints to gamer culture in the past, the idea of a game based on the series seems WELL overdue.

Series creator Pendleton Ward (@buenothebear) tweeted the announcement earlier today that there will be a DS game releases (and offered a couple of hand-drawn images to boot!):

“Here we go, a sweet sweet DS game, being made at WayForward Technologies, will come out later this year.”

Want more? You can follow Pendleton on Twitter for his (awesome) updates, and Destructoid collected all his images throughout the day here.


Ubisoft Bringing Mohawks and Tats to PAX:

I’m not alone on this, am I? Game promotion is getting a little out of hand… First we have people naming their kids after video game characters to win contests, then we have early copies of games launched into space… now Ubisoft is tattooing and shaving people? No word of a lie, Ubisoft will be providing REAL tattoos (based on designs from the upcoming Far Cry 3) at their booth (courtesy of Hourglass Tattoo Parlor) on Friday April 6th during PAX East’s show-floor hours. Or, if you’re not brave enough (too smart) to permanently ink your body, for a video game, they have people on hand to shave off two-thirds of your hair for you instead… that’s right, they’re also giving free haircuts out during the show (mohawks).

What. The actual. F*ck?

Want more? Show up at the show-floor at PAX East, Friday for a tattoo, or Saturday/Sun for a trim.


GDC Game Cancellation Rumors:

People are starting to guess that Prey 2’s future may be in jeopardy. PSFocus started the rumors by bringing up the fact that a scheduled appearance by Human Head’s Brian Karis was removed from GDC from the show. The team followed up, via Twitter, and got the following from Brian himself:

"Yes, Zenimax forced us to pull all Prey2 related talks from GDC. I'm pretty devastated by the news. This was my first conf talk."

Of course, it’s just as easy to assume that whatever Brian was going to be talking about is information that Zenimax isn’t quite ready to show to the “public.” We won’t know for sure yet what’s going on, but it’s a little suspicious, that much I can admit (considering the phrasing Brian uses about being “devastated”).

Want more? IGN has the info (translated) from PSfocus, and the Twitter screencap.



Tonight is Friday, as I might have already mentioned, and therefor my weekly pimping of our forums continues. If you’re home tonight, and playing video games/watching TV or movies solo you should hop into the forums and say hello! I’m always curious what everyone else is up to with their Friday nights while I work away on articles and reviews… I’ll tell you about what I’m working on if you tell me what you’re playing, deal?

Kid Icarus: Uprising came out earlier this week, and it’s a good enough game that I feel the need to mention it in the PSA section. If you’re a 3DS owner and haven’t checked it out yet, read my review (posted earlier in the week) and then run out and buy yourself a copy. Tell them Casey sent you, you might get some kind of a discount (no promises though).