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Square Enix Goes All Out With Special Kingdom Hearts Anniversary/KH3D Presentation


Knowing that the Kingdom Hearts franchise is now ten years old makes me feel incredibly old and just want to just go into old man mode based on what kids are playing these days. Having played Kingdom Hearts when it first came out it’s nice to see the franchise still maintain a nice level of popularity ten years later, even if the story requires a massive chart to be laid out in an attempt to make one element make sense.

At this point the future of the Kingdom Hearts series is in a way unknown since Square Enix Japan hasn’t had the best time at developing games in a timely manner so a HD Kingdom Hearts game may still be five years away. But in the meantime we do have Kingdom Hearts 3D to look forward to and the possibility that the series may make the jump to the Vita at some point if that system doesn’t tank in the next year.

Since Square Enix likes to do special things for their core franchises, the company held a special presentation for Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 3D, which arrives in Japan this month.  Instead of just showing a special video on a screen or holding the event at a swanky venue, Square Enix decided to jump aboard the “hologram” bandwagon for a rather extensive celebration of the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

With footage being shown on a screen, Square Enix also opted to have a specially made Kingdom Hearts anniversary video projected onto an entire building, complete with special sequences in which the building “crumbled” or flames suddenly erupted.  The video itself is really good, not just because it shows a segment from the TRON: Legacy sequence in KH3D, but because it shows just how far the series has gone in the past few years and just how deep the mythology has gotten.

Watching a video of the anniversary presentation may not have the same impact as seeing it in person, but I recommend you check out the video below since it could bring a tear to your eye if you’re a diehard Kingdom Hearts fan.