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TL;DR - Mar 22 - Bayonetta, Dust 514, Alan Wake 2

My apologizes for the brief (week) and unplanned hiatus of TL;DR. The good news is that it’s back, and hopefully will retain its nightly-routine for the foreseeable future. There’s been a lot that’s happened since I’ve been gone, but I’m not going to bother playing catch-up on all of it. Instead, let’s just pick up from today shall we? : Bayonetta has been announced as joining in with Anarchy Reigns. There’s a rumor about Alan Wake 2 making an appearance on the Xbox 720, and there was some live footage of Dust 514 that was shown today.


The News:

Bayonetta in Anarchy Reigns:

This was actually a, brief, conversation that Ian and I shared while we were in San Francisco for GDC: What ever happened to Anarchy Reigns? It seemed to have all but completely ducked itself under the radar, and we were starting to become concerned with its future… Now, just about 2 weeks later, we get word that the roster of the game is expanding. Anyone that’s not already familiar with the character of Bayonetta might want to go and check out Sega/Platinum Game’s 2010 action title. That game was thoroughly enjoyable, and it’s easy to see why Sega would want to use the character again, though Anarchy Reigns suddenly adding her does seem a little ‘death rattle’ ish considering how long the game has been underground for.

Want more? Sega recently refreshed the home-site to include the game’s newest detailed (including screenshots).


Alan Wake 2 for the Xbox 720:

Admittedly the thread connecting the actual story with the title to this post is entirely hypothetical, but I think you all know me well enough at this point that you know I have no problem ceasing any excuse to talk about Alan Wake.

The real story here is that Remedy is looking for new talent, and the project they are looking to gear up for is referenced as being an “unannounced project targeted at future generation consoles.” So, it’s not too much of a stretch to assume they’re talking about the next Xbox, considering their tight relationship with Microsoft (though, I suppose, they could just as easily be referencing the Wii U).

As I said, there’s no real reference to the idea of an Alan Wake sequel, though they don’t mention if it’s a new IP that they’re working on either… So I guess, as a fanboy, I’m just kind of crossing my fingers and hoping that there’s more Alan Wake en route (and for the next Xbox).

Want more? The thread on Remedy’s forums urges people to ‘stay tuned.’


Dust 514/EVE Cross-over Gameplay Shown:

Earlier in the day CCP games presented, via a live stream, a bit of new gameplay from the upcoming, free-to-play, MMOFPS Dust 514 and in specific its integration with EVE Online. The live stream was part of a panel, shown during Fan Fest, which took place in Iceland. If you missed out on the live stream, that’s unfortunate, because it showed off the kind of gameplay that my friends and I have been discussing since we first got into gaming: A world where you can play multiple layers of video game, and have players enjoying different roles, with different experiences that affect one another.

With Dust 514 and EVE, the idea is that players can play either the FPS version of the MMO (Dust 514) or the RTSMMO variant (EVE) and work in tandem for things like… orbital striking a planet that a war is taking place on from space! It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever (as a confessed EVE disliker).

Want more? Kotaku was able to grab a small bit of video showing off the co-op/cross-game play before the stream was closed out.



MLG Pro-Circuit Accessories for Pre-Order:

As many of you are already aware, we’re big fans of Mad Catz around here. I’ve written several articles about the rise of the company that we all once mocked, and provided extensive reviews of their products as they releases (which have pretty much all been positive). One of Corey and my favorites, of recent, was the MLG Pro Circuit controller. During the video review I discussed that accessories for additional customization options would eventually be releases, and today is that day. If you were lucky enough to snag yourself one of the MLG controllers, you can now begin the process of modifying it via the accessory options provided (for pre-order) on the site!


Joystiq Running all of ‘Night Springs’ (including new exclusive episodes!):

As mentioned previously, I will use any excuse to talk about Alan Wake. One of the biggest factors of the original series that lead to my eventual love of the franchise was the miniature “Twilight Zone”-esque episodes that played on TVs throughout the world as you progressed through the story. Sure, plenty of people have posted the videos online, but Joystiq (those bastards) have received the exclusive rights to officially republish them, along with some new exclusive episodes that have never been seen. If you haven’t checked out the episodes before, or just want to recap, they’re four episodes deep, and when they run out of ‘classic episodes’ they will begin showing off the never before seen content.

Check it out!


Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo:

If you’re following us on Facebook (which, hopefully everyone is by now) you probably saw a bunch of stellar pictures from Vancouver’s first-ever Retro Gaming Expo, held (ironically) in New Westminster this past weekend. The show was a fantastic first-outing, consumed an entire day (12+ hours) and was kind enough to provide this weary alcoholic with beverages through-out the day. If you didn’t get a chance to get a ticket (before they sold out) this year, rest assured that they will be coming back even bigger and better next year (with potentially another, similar event later in the year). In the meantime, head over the Facebook page, check out the photos that we snapped, and if you haven’t already, throw us a like!


Galaxion: Fancy Footwork (Street Fighter 2 21st Anniversary):

As mentioned earlier in the month, there’s plenty going on in March. Following up with last-weekend’s expo, the Shogun Gamer crew will be heading down to Galaxion this weekend to get our drink/game on. You may remember Galaxion as that sweet event where Managing Editor Corey Rollins celebrated his Birthday, and we got to hang a banner up and party with a bunch of our brethren til the break of dawn to celebrate the anniversary of Outrun. This time around we’re celebrating the timeless Street Fighter II, and will be there, once again, in full-effect to snap sexy photos, drink, set high-scores on all the machines, and as always: Have a blast!

If you haven’t already made plans for your Saturday evening, and you’re in the Vancouver area it is HIGHLY recommended that you come down and party with the Shogun Gamer crew!


Final Thoughts:

I wasn't able to find any super-awesome videos or anything to leave you on today, and we're a ways past the release date window for that to make it on here. Instead I'm going to leave you guys with a discussion topic, for something I've been thinking about a lot recently:

What happened to the challenge of video games?

After playing some Mario Party with friends, and seeing the general decline of difficulty out of Nintendo (which is probably the most blatant about it) I'm starting to wonder... why is it that development houses (outside of indie/web developers) no longer want to challenge their audience? I'm still proud of being one of the only people I know to have beaten Shinobi, Battletoads, and Bomber Raid. The only notable achievement of late I can cite would be... maybe clearing CoD games on Veteran? Even then it's more about just sheer force of will, not really skill or learning, just luck and persistence.

What do you think?