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LittleBigPlanet Karting Is Finally Revealed And It Looks Like Fun

Revealed last month in a quasi-official capacity, the revelation that LittleBigPlanet would receive a spin-off game in the form of LittleBigPlanet Karting was something that people didn’t know what to make of.  Would LBP Karting be a fun game or was this Sony’s first step in milking the LBP franchise now that Media Molecule seems to be moving on from the series to produce a next-gen PlayStation IP?  It was of course hard to imagine what LBP Karting would look like but we now have evidence which points to the game being simple LBP style fun.

Today the PlayStation Blog has revealed the goods on LBP Karting and yeah, it’s a karting game with a LBP style twist. It may be easy for some people to once again peg a copy-cat label on Sony as the game may seem like an “obvious” Mario Kart rip-off, but given the scarcity of karting games these days I think gamers should just be happy to see more entries in the genre, especially if they look as much as fun LBP Karting does.  

Developed by United Front Games, the same team that did ModNation Racers on the PS3, LBP Karting combines the world and style of LBP with that of a karting game.  It probably would’ve been easy for United Front to make a LBP version of ModNation Racers and call it a day, but the premier trailer for LBP Karting shows unique tools from LBP such as the jetpack and whip tool in action along with several LBP trademarks like mini-games and the pop-up menu which is used to customize both the characters and vehicles.  

It probably would’ve been easy for Sony and United Front Games to go overboard with LBP Karting and focus on the wrong elements, but the trailer for the game seems to showcase things that LBP is known for and it almost looks to be on the same quality as what Media Molecule produces.  The big factor in LBP Karting will be if the game is indeed fun to play and controls good, but the visuals look fun, the LBP charm doesn’t seem to be too forced and it’s just nice to see Sackboy and friends return since LittleBigPlanet for the Vita could be our last core LBP game for a while.

LittleBigPlanet Karting will be released later this year exclusively on the PlayStation 3.