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Ready at Dawn (God of War PSP Developer) Reveals Future Plans

There may or may not be a God of War game on the PlayStation Vita but one thing that is for sure is that developer Ready at Dawn won’t be at the helm.  The studio responsible for the PSP entries in the God of War series has revealed that they will be skipping the God of War series for something much better: a game on an unannounced next-gen platform. I think it’s time to cue the next-gen PlayStation launch game alarm since RAD is rather chummy with Sony.

The news concerning RAD’s next-gen plans and their departure from the God of War series was revealed in a recent interview with GamesIndustry International. In the interview RAD CEO/Co-Founder Ru Weerasuriya revealed that the studio considered making a new God of War game for the Vita based on how they adore the series and are interested by the tech of the Vita but ultimately decided to pass such a thing up to pursue other endeavors.  “It's an idea that was floated as far as what could happen on the Vita. And especially with a platform like that, we were enticed I think by the prospect of doing something on that platform, but it just didn't align with what we wanted, so I'm hoping that they do something on that because I definitely think that they should. There's so much potential for it,” said Ru speaking to GI International.

From how Ru described the thought process concerning a GOW Vita game it seems like the studio never did any major work on prototyping a game nor were they ever contracted by Sony to do such a thing.  So for now we could still see a new God of War game appear on the Vita but it’ll break tradition by not being helmed by RAD, which aside from Sony Santa Monica has been the only studio to create an original GOW game.

It may sucks to hear that RAD won’t grace us with another amazing God of War game but the studio is planning something big as they’re working on a next-gen launch game.  Ru was coy in revealing much about the project or what company it’s for as he only revealed that it’ll be a single-player driven action-adventure game.  It would be a bit epic if there’s a grand twist of sorts and RAD is developing a GOW game for the next-gen PlayStation but with the recent buzz about GOW4, which hasn’t included a mega leak yet but will assuredly happen pre-E3, I doubt that’ll be the ultimate scenario.

This next-gen project will be the first time RAD has created a core console game and such a thing may seem daunting since the PSP isn’t exactly cutting edge next-gen tech anymore. However, on the matter of tackling a console game Ru said this, “We know what we want to do out of the gate. We know what we feel next generation games should be like, as far as on the graphic side, on the design side, on many fronts.”  Based on the talent they displayed in the God of War PSP games I’ll believe that RAD knows how to approach a next-gen game and at least get the results they want to achieve or deem to be adequate.

For a long time it was rumored that RAD was working on a console game, presumably PS3/Xbox 360, but it seemingly was never picked up. So unless that rumor was complete hogwash it’s nice to see RAD move on and create a new IP for a next-gen system. Of course the big guessing game is whether RAD will stay “loyal” to Sony given their relationship with the company or if they’ll shock us all with a Wii U game.