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An Epic Statue Is Being Made Based On A Famous Mortal Kombat Character

Mortal Kombat fans are in for a special treat as one of the more iconic boss characters is being given the high-end statue treatment.  Syco Collectibles, the current firm doing all the MK statues, has revealed the first prototype images of their Motaro statue, which I assume will end up being mighty imposing given the character is a freaking Centaur with a skull necklace.

As part of the next wave of MK statues Syco is releasing which includes fan-favorite Johnny Cage, the Motaro statue may end up being the top product in the series merely because of its size and overall stature.  It’s not often that we see massive MK characters immortalized in statue form so having Motaro join the ranks of the Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Jade statues Syco has created so far ought to please both MK fans and collectors of video game statues.

The Motaro statue isn’t finalized just yet in respect to details and things of that nature, but the finished product will stand at 14”, an impressive height should make it a nice centerpiece in any collection.  The work Syco has done on Motaro looks good so far as I love his pose and the key details like veins on his legs and how his horns look.  

I don’t want to knit pick too much on the product since the images released as that of a prototype, but Motaro looks a bit smaller in the mid-section than I expected.  Perhaps Syco had to take some liberties by not creating a totally accurate size representation of the character to forgo a high price tag both for consumers and when it came to manufacturing the statue.

A release date or price hasn’t been given to the Motaro statue but it’ll likely be out before the end of the year and be around $180-$250, a sum that I’m sure any hardcore MK fan would spend in order to own the famous Centaurian warrior.