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Legacy of Kain Could Finally Be Coming Back [Rumor]

We may soon receive one of those rare occasions in which we’ll receive a sequel or at least a reboot of a video games series that deserves to make a triumphant return. For years there’s been a dedicated sect of gamers who wanted to see the Legacy of Kain series continue in any fashion, either through games focused on Kain or somehow further continue the Raziel series even though his journey seemingly came to a rather ironic and bittersweet ending.  When the Legacy of Kain games were released on the PS1/PS2 their popularity wasn’t huge and in fact Eidos actually binned a new installment in the series, presumably over the lukewarm sales of LoK: Defiance, and to simply focus on the Tomb Raider brand.

But at long last we may soon make a return trip to the realm of Nosgoth may be happening as Square Enix reportedly has Crystal Dynamics working on a Legacy of Kain reboot.  Now there are a lot of ways to look at this news since on one hand it’ll finally give us some sort of game set within Nosgoth and hopefully including characters such as Kain, Raziel, and the Elder God.  The only potential downside is that whatever this new LoK game may be it won’t be what fans of the series once experienced as the project reportedly includes a makeover being given to the series through new art direction i.e. we may receive emo/Twilight inspired Kain and Raziel.

Further details on Crystal Dynamics LoK project are unknown given the inside source of VG247, but apparently there’s something inaccurate about their initial report as per another insider on NeoGAF.  Yes, we’re slightly getting into Xzibit territory talking about insiders of insiders and different sources, but the main issue may be that Crystal Dynamics may not be developing the game but instead one of the multiple teams Eidos Montreal has right now.  Outside of finishing up work on the new Tomb Raider game and working on an unannounced new IP, it may be possible that Square Enix opted to switch the LoK brand to another studio with Crystal Dynamics perhaps aiding on a creative level while core development duties are handled by another team.  

I adore the Legacy of Kain series as I found it to be the perfect mix of story laden drama, unique puzzle solving, and beautiful art design.  With that said I just don’t know what sort of direction a modern day LoK game will take since the series needs to be looked at as an IP amongst Square Enix execs from a business standpoint. Are we going to receive a LoK reboot similar to what Ninja Theory has done with Devil May Cry or will we receive a deep and heavily stylized vampire drama which has more of an emphasis on combat than puzzle solving/exploration in an attempt to woo and audience?  In the end I may be fine with whatever surfaces, even if it isn’t a continuation of the canned LoK game, if voice actors Simon Templeman (Kain) and Michael Bell (Raziel) return for the project.

In general this rumor may seem hard to believe considering how dormant the series has been, but considering Square Enix hinted at a new game in a survey not too long ago it seems like we may finally receive some gothic vampire action.