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Activision Reveals Another Transformers Game

The Transformers franchise may have been somewhat sullied by a movie trilogy that was the embodiment of dumb and abysmal (at least to fans of the original property), but at least the Transformers are still rolling out in some hopefully good video games.  Besides the forthcoming Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Activision has just announced a new Transformers game that may be geared towards the younger gamers but aren’t we all young at heart?

Coming to the Wii and 3DS/DS is a video game adaptation of Transformers Prime; the latest TF cartoon that thankfully doesn’t involve any robo-children or have animation that looks worse than early 1970s anime.  Deep inside I may still be waiting for Beast Wars to be resurrected with a video game that doesn’t suck like the two that were made for it, but for now a Transformers Prime video game seems like a good proposition for those who not only enjoy the series but Transformers in general.

With the game skewing towards a younger demographic based on the platforms its appearing on, Transformers Prime will take a different approach compared to the massive battle and shooter heavy action of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.  With the promise of “unique vistas”, “brawler-style combat”, and “diverse driving sequences” I doubt Transformers Prime will be a deep AAA action experience but it could end up being a simple game that hits on the core aspects of the Transformers and in turn is simply a fun game to play.

At this point there may still be a level of skepticism regarding Transformers Prime and I can understand as much since the premier trailer has absolutely zero gameplay in it.  But aside from that and a relatively unknown developer handing the game (Now Production is doing the Wii/3DS versions), it would be nice to just have a Transformers game that knows its limits and doesn’t try to do half a dozen things in which only three aspects are any good.  If things are kept simple and fresh Transformers Prime could end up being a darkhorse contender for best Transformers game ever created.

It is odd that the game is only appearing on Nintendo platforms, but oddly enough not the Wii U, but for those who own a Wii Transformers Prime may end up being a nice game to play on the side in between all the HD goodness that’s bound to pop up later this year.