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TL;DR - Mar 14 - Baldur's Countdown, Sega, Dynasty Warriors 3DS

Another late night edition of the TL;DR segment, though this one with good reason! Earlier tonight I got to attend The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, so I was a little bit late getting back to my desk. None the less! There is new information for you today in the form of: Sega joining forces to provide their ‘top games’ on Origin. The Baldur’s Gate teaser site has received an update, in countdown form, and Samus and Link will be playable characters on the 3DS version of Dynasty Warriors.


The News:

Baldur’s Gate Teaser Site Adds a Countdown:

Remember, not too long ago, when I posted a brief nod to the fact that there had been a Baldur’s Gate site posted online? There were all kinds of theories about what it meant, and the web-savvy fan-base started digging through the code of the site to find all kinds of little hints and teases… Well, the small teaser site got an update today and now features a countdown clock. Speculation is again running rampant online about what the announcement at the end of the countdown clock is, and again the fans have turned to the code for clues.

Want more? Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s got the script-clues, and you can watch time tick away on the teaser site.


Sega Offers Games on Origin:

In a press release announcement from EA earlier today it was announced that power-house gaming publisher Sega has signed on to distribute their upcoming PC release Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai via Origin. EA wanted to let us all know that the inclusion of Sega as one of their partners for the platform brings the total up to 35 now. So, I guess they’re still pushing pretty hard for this to become a thing. Unfortunately, with EA’s size, it’s likely that they will be able to force it down the throats of PC gamers at one point (other than those that claim Origin exclusivity as their hall-pass for pirating of course).

Want more? The EA Investor site has the full press release of the announcement.


Dynasty Warriors VS (3DS) adds Samus and Link:

This announcement popped me straight into the way-back machine and took me all the way back to the Soul Calibur II announcement: Why in the heck are they tossing Link into something as ridiculous as this? It’s a shaky bit of Nintendo history, but they do love interjecting their characters into some random-arse ports/franchises on occasion. In an article posted on GamesRadar the information was provided that both Samus and Link will be playable characters for the 3DS incarnation of the Dynasty Warriors titled “VS.” There’s a couple of shots of the character models in the article, as well as an in-game screenshot of some of the action as well. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Want more? GamesRadar has the full details, including pictures mentioned.



As mentioned at the topic of the article, I had the unique pleasure of attending The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses tonight. It was a brilliant bit of orchestral music, supplied by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, which was simply amazing. I’m hoping to get a full write-up/review for you guys tomorrow (to give an idea of what everyone that couldn’t make it out missed), but will not offer a guarantee on that time-frame, because…

Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day! Some people go all out on Halloween, or have family traditions that they like to follow every year during Christmas time. Me, I like Saint Patrick’s. It’s not just because I’m a fan of the drink, well, actually that would be a lie. Anyways, I tend to celebrate, so it’s only fair to warn people that TL;DR might not get up tomorrow night depending on how authentic I decide to celebrate the holiday tomorrow (points for honesty?). Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all my fellow Shogun Gamers either way!



I’m going to rename my traditional ‘video’ section tonight, because there’s something I want to share with you all that doesn’t really qualify as a ‘video’ per se. It’s actually more of an old school adventure game, built into some web code… but that doesn’t do it justice either. What it really is, is the world’s greatest resume. A young hopeful German by the name of Marius Fietzek was hoping to catch the eye of Double Fine productions and decided to take a stab at something entirely unique for his application. The link below will take you to a web-based adventure game which was submitted by Marius as his resume for an internship at Double Fine.

The Applicant’ an interactive resume by Marius Fietzek.


Lastly I wanted to share a video that tickled me something fierce late tonight. I stumbled across an awesome little video of a mod for GTAIV (on Kotaku) and have been sharing this out with a bunch of people tonight, then figured I’d share it with everyone at Shogun Gamer as well. Check it out!