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TL;DR - Mar 9 - Durango, SteamBox, Heavy Hitters

First of all, I have to throw out an apology for not getting around to a TL;DR yesterday. Due to an unforeseen migraine I had to 1) bail out of a party early, and 2) bail out of working. Sadface. Anyways! We’re back tonight, and I’ve got a couple of stories that caught my eye that I wanted to share: Microsoft’s next console doesn’t have a disc-drive, Valve confirms the SteamBox is NOT a thing… yet, and BioShock Infinite reveals their new mid-tier bosses the ‘heavy hitters.’


The News:

The Latest Xbox 'Durango' Rumors:

If you haven’t yet heard yet, the rumor is that Microsoft has started to work on their next console. Code-named “Durango” there hasn’t been a whole lot of information regarding what the next generation of console gaming; that is until today. In a recent article published on MCV it was revealed, by a ‘partner’ of Microsoft, that the publishers/designers/developers should prepare for the fact that the next Xbox doesn’t use discs. Instead, the next Xbox apparently will run off of small SSD hard-drives. Obviously all the information so far is third-hand, and the rumors have started flying… but the idea of SD-cards being used for storage/gaming does kind of jive with the earlier rumors that the new console also might be primarily cloud-based/digital download.

Want more? Head over to MCVUK to check out the full article, including a comment from Microsoft directly.


SteamBox Isn't a Thing... Yet:

The second rumor in the conversation of the next-gen console war revolves around a tidbit that started floating around a few days ago, regarding the potential for Valve to build a steam-powered home console. Unfortunately, that was confirmed today as entirely “not a thing.” Personally, this doesn’t come as a surprise. The idea of Steam/Valve suddenly getting into hardware development seems a little bit of a reach. My remaining theory (as far-fetched as it might be) is that Sony and Valve join forces and Steam becomes the distribution method for the next Sony console, which will have to be online/cloud-based as well if that’s where Microsoft heads next.

Want more? The full break-down of how the rumor was disproven is over on Kotaku.


Bioshock Infinite Adds ‘Heavy Hitters’:

In a response to some of the previous two games’ criticisms revolving around a lack of enemy variety, the team over at Irrational has ramped up the types of enemies that will be in Infinite. The first reveal, which actually came out yesterday during my absence (sorry again), is of the ‘heavy hitter.’ It is a mechanical mini-boss type of character whose shapes will come from the founding fathers. It’s an interesting twist and something completely new for the series for sure… though it all seems a little creepy/weird to me personally.

Want more? IGN has the full details on the reveal of the new enemy types from Irrational.


GDC Report, Finale:

So GDC is officially over as of today. Ian and I had a blast while we were here, and there’s still plenty to talk about. There’s some panels that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to talk about, and there were some things we saw (and played) that we’re not quite yet allowed to reveal… Rest assured though that next week will have plenty more treats from the GDC Away-Team as the embargos lift though.

This being our first year (Ian and I, not Shogun Gamer) we learned a lot and met a bunch of great people. For instance, I’d had no idea that GDC was so party-heavy, and that there would be such free-flowing booze everywhere… Live and learn I guess. It’s just all the more reason to come back here again next year.

One of the best parts for me, someone still fairly new to the industry and very much a fanboy, was encountering people that I’ve grown up admiring, reading, and respecting. There was no limit to the people that you could bump into during/after panels and on the show floor.

Total number of Stephen Totilo encounters: 3



Tonight is Friday night (for the next couple of hours anyways) which means if you’ve got nothing else going on you should join us in the Friday Night Losers thread. Yep, I’m going to keep pimping that thread until you guys get your collective ass in there to talk with me.

I also wanted to note that a game very near and dear to my heart, that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the last couple of months, finally got an official release date today. Tribes Ascend will be launching (for everyone) on April 12th.

Lastly, one more quick reminder that my passion-project for a Shogun Gamer live-stream starts up as of this Sunday. We’ll be doing a live-stream starting at 12pm (PST). If you’re free to chat with us about Pen and Paper gaming, we’d love to have you! This week’s show is an introduction of sorts where we’ll be talking about our characters and the campaign we’re looking to have, as well as introducing the cast of the show.