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TL;DR - Mar 5 - Fable Heroes, Forza Horizon, Halo 4

This week, as many of you are already aware, marks GDC 2012. Ian and I will be reporting from the show-floor all week long, and (hopefully) will be providing a bit of a video wrap up at the end of each day to talk about what we’ve seen. In the meantime, here’s a couple stories that broke today for your standard TL;DR goodness: The reveal of Fable Heroes, new media for Halo 4 and an announcement for the next title in the Forza series.


The News:

Forza Horizon Announcement:

As you guys are probably already well aware of, I’m become quite fond of Forza. I rather enjoyed the most recent installment, mainly because of its close ties to the UK Top Gear series, and reviewed it rather positively. The curious part though, is that it wasn’t so long ago that I did that. Now Microsoft Studios, in conjunction with Turn 10, have announced that there’s another Forza heading down the pipeline named “Horizon.”

Small hints were dropped about what the new titles holds for us, and by the sounds of it the focus will be online play. There’s a short teaser trailer which establishes the ‘tone’ of the game, which I’ve included for you below, so you can draw your own conclusions.

Want more? The Official Xbox Magazine site has a detailed breaking down including quotes from the game’s creators.


Halo 4 Media Blitz:

Remember when Halo 4 was rumored, then teased, then announced all in such a short span? Nothing has really happened with that since, has it? Well, Microsoft made up for it today by throwing out a whole onslaught of new images, plus a vidoc about the game (including some footage of the game itself).

For all you Halo junkies out there (there’s still a few floating around, right?) I’ve included the video below.

Want more? The Official Xbox Magazine (mentioned twice today!) has a preview of the upcoming game (with images) as well as the article with the original vidoc.


Fable Heroes Revealed:

Remember last week when all those teasers started flying around for announcements planned during GDC? We got our first look at Assassin’s Creed III earlier today (and if you haven’t yet checked it out, you probably should) as well as the reveal from Lionhead’s teaser site which is, not surprisingly, another Fable game! No, it’s not a full sequel; instead they’re making another ‘spin-off’ title that features small ‘cutesy’ characters in a co-op adventure. The button imagery that was teased last week seems to be incorporated into the logo for the game, and builds off the idea of the characters being stuffed-toy like.

Honestly, you lost me after Fable II. The concept of Journey seemed odd enough, fracturing the series any further seems like an epic-level poor decision, but what do I know? Some people dig that kind of stuff I guess.

Want more? Destructoid has a full preview of the game (including video and screenshots).


GDC Report, Day One:

As with our previous convention coverage (namely this year’s CES) we’re going to try and provide a nightly recap of the events of the day, which will be posted to YouTube and then shared both here on the site (likely in TL;DR the following day), on the YouTube channel directly, and via our Facebook group.

In the meantime, just know that today wasn’t too eventful for us. With the showfloor not yet open, we decided to take our ‘free day’ as an excuse to explore a bit of downtown San Francisco, which was fun in of itself. There were some surprises though, and we’ll go into full details on that later in the webshow.