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Zone of the Enders HD Collection Is Finally Given A Release Date

Today may just have started off as another boring if not depressing Wednesday (it has for me at least) but some news has been announced which ought to brighten up our day: Zone of the Enders HD Collection has a release date.  Ever since the ZOE HD Collection was revealed at E3 last year gamers, Kojima Productions fans, and mech enthusiasts have been clamoring as to when they’ll be able to experience the two underrated games once again.  The release of the MGS HD Collection only made the wait for ZOE’s return that much harder since Kojima Productions and BluePoint Games turned in a port that was not only faithful but looked slick as hell.

Gamers who want to control an Orbital Frame once again can do so when the ZOE HD Collection arrives on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this Fall.  I know, it would’ve been nice to see the game drop this Summer, but considering the additions Kojima Productions is making which includes a new anime cutscene produced by Sunrise, I think the wait is more than justified.  I know how loyal the ZOE fanbase can be, I’m part of the ZOE nation btw, but having to wait a couple of months is certainly doable since the end product will likely be top tier quality.

It wasn’t revealed if PlayStation Vita gamers will be able to partake in the ZOE HD Collection this Fall as that version of the game has yet to be detailed in any capacity.  But I have to admit that with the ability to swap save files thanks to Kojima’s new-fangled Transfarring tech I will likely double dip on the ZOE HD Collection and buy both the PS3 and PS Vita version – double the fun, double the Trophies.

So far Kojima Productions hasn’t shown much of the ZOE HD Collection outside of teaser images revealed on Twitter but I’m sure we’ll see more of the game leading up to E3 this year.