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TL;DR - Feb 23 - Jet Set, Blizzard F2P, Warfighter

Today in TL;DR I take a quickly glimpse at a couple of major announcements, leaks, and even a rumor. First of all, Medal of Honor is getting another go-round with the sequel to 2010 franchise reboot. Secondly, it looks like Sega is going to be bringing back the best rollerblading/graffiti franchise of all time via XBLA and PSN. Then finally, a brief stop-over at the rumor mill for talks about Blizzard potentially working on a new F2P title.


The News:

Medal of Honor Warfighter Announced:

We all knew it was coming at some time or another. The game was announced as in development, and there was even a bit of tease in the manual for Battlefield 3. Today EA officially titled it though, and provided a bit of information about the release window. The next iteration of the Medal of Honor franchise is titled “Warfighter” and is slated for a release sometime in October.

The details are still slim, not much has been shown or talked about other than the title, release window and a single image (art/cover) of the game.

Want more? Head on over to The Official Xbox Magazine site, they have the teaser for the article that will be in the latest issue of the mag.


Blizzard is (maybe) Working on a F2P Title:

Apparently Blizzard is looking into new models of earning cash. Having already dominated the subscription model with World of Warcraft, it’s not surprise that they’d look to different mediums to drain out ever last drop of our cash flow.

Again, details are ridiculously scarce at this time regarding what the project is, how what kind of F2P model Blizzard is looking to adapt (or create) or even if this is going to be an entirely new IP or something that is pulled from their past (the more likely situation for Blizzard).

Want more? There’s not a whole lot, but the original poster at Develop have dug in a little more with speculation and tried to reach out to Blizzard for a comment.


Jet Set (Grind?) Radio Returns on XBL and PSN:

In what might be the single most exciting piece of news I get to write about today, Sega teased a short trailer that suggests (quite heavily) the idea of Jet Set making its way online via XBL and PSN. But enough of this talk let’s jump straight to the video:

Want more? So do I! Sega didn’t do any more than post the video but you can see the original post anyhoo on their blog.



I’ve got nothing for you. Sorry hombres. If you’re not playing Alan Wake’s American Nightmare though, I can highly recommend you get on that as soon as humanly possible.

Oh, and while it’s not technically a new release, Tribes Ascend opened to the public today. That seems like more of a PSA though…



There’s only one more day to register for the Guild Wars 2 public beta, so if you haven’t already done so you should head on over and throw your name in. Not everyone is guaranteed to get in, but the more Shogun Gamers we can sneak in there the better in my opinion!

Tribes Ascend if officially open to the public now! I’ve been enjoying the absolute heck out of that game over the last couple of months while it was in closed beta, so if you’re a fan of fast-paced ‘90s action/shooters and skiing, then you absolutely must check it out!