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Good News Finally Arrives For Retro City Rampage

Today brings us some good news concerning an indie game that has often been talked about but seemingly felt like it may never see the light of day.  The game in question is the love letter to retro gaming that is Retro City Rampage, an open-world action game that basically goes wild in the retro department in such a way that we’ve never seen before.  After been revealed to the public with loads of adulation and praise, the hype was high for Retro City Rampage but the game suffered from one issue: it nearly rivaled Fez in the constantly delayed department.  But now good news has arisen for both PlayStation gamers and those excited about Retro City Rampage.

Originally set to appear on Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare, and PC, Retro City Rampage will also appear on the PlayStation 3 in addition to the PlayStation Vita. The news of RCR’s arrival on the two PlayStation platforms was revealed by Retro City Rampage Creator/Designer Brian Provinciano on the PlayStation Blog.  Aside from the somewhat typical PR talk about how great Sony has been to work with and how easy it has been porting the game to the Vita, one other key announcement was made: the game is finally coming out in May.

Not disclosed on the PlayStation Blog, the imminent arrival of Retro City Rampage was revealed to Joystiq.  A specific release date wasn’t given, but the hope of Brian Provinciano is that the game will receive a simultaneous release across all platforms (PS3, Vita, XBLA, WiiWare, and Steam).  Seeing as how Retro City Rampage has been in the works for a while and that Brian is self-publishing the game on the PSN, we could see that May release date slip, but if it holds true then May certainly won’t be the usual bore it is with some retro gaming action and the high-octane experience that is Max Payne 3.

The news of Retro City Rampage appearing on the PS3 and PS Vita is certainly good news but the potential May arrival is even better news.  Retro City Rampage may already have a cult following to a degree, but partaking on some simplistic yet fun action on the Vita could be what bumps the game up a bit if not make more gamers aware about it – especially considering the potential meager software releases for the Vita post April.