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Journey Is Finally Dated and Priced For North America

To further add to the plethora of games coming out next month which could put gamers in an absolute craze, Sony has announced that the long-awaited experience that is Journey will be finally released.  Originally delayed from a late 2011 release, Journey is the latest project from thatgamecompany, the acclaimed studio that also brought us flow and Flower this generation. Taking on a project that attempts to strike an emotional chord with gamers along with providing visuals never before seen was a bigger undertaking for thatgamecompany, but at long last Journey is ready for gamers to enjoy.

Thatgamecompany Creative Director Jenova Chen revealed on the PlayStation Blog that Journey will be available on the PlayStation Store on March 13th.  A major question about Journey, besides the release date, was how much the game would cost since the title isn’t exactly on the Skyrim level in the infinite gameplay department nor is it a barebones one and done experience.  I don’t know why but gamers are still extremely fickle about how much digitally distributed games cost though good news is abound since I think the sweet spot has been reached with the pricing of Journey.  Folks who like abstract experiences can enjoy Journey as it will retail for $15, a price that I think is more than adequate given the artistic direction of the game and the fact that it supports online play.

I have yet to play Journey for myself, but I’ve been consistently impressed with every video or preview I’ve seen of the game. I’m slightly afraid that Journey may not find an immediate audience next month due to games like Mass Effect 3 capturing the attention of most gamers. But I have a feeling that just like flow and Flower, Journey will find a following of gamers who appreciate it for what it is – a piece of interactive art.

In case you didn't see it, here's the last video release for Journey which focuses on the music in the game.