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First Minecraft Lego Set Is Revealed And It's Simply Ok

This has to be one of the quickest turnarounds I’ve seen for a major piece of video game merchandise as today Lego has unveiled the first set based on the ever popular Minecraft series.  Late last year Mojang revealed they were in talks with Lego about possibly producing a Minecraft line of products and subsequently such a thing was confirmed.  But amidst the general excitement there was over creating our own Minecraft inspired Lego sets to proudly display in our cubicles and desks it was never said when we would expect to see the first Minecraft Lego creation. So with that said it’s rather surprising to see our first Minecraft Lego Micro World complete with little blocky character figures.

Scheduled for release this Summer, the Minecraft Lego set features a small portion of what Minecraft is known for. So while folks won’t be able to build massive structures with dozens of buildings, castles, mine carts, or the Starship Enterprise, they will be able to enjoy a split apart Micro World that does a rather adequate job at representing the Minecraft universe. 

Included in the 480 piece set is a world that not only features hills, trees, and hidden areas but also can be split apart and configured in a variety of ways.  Folks won’t be able to totally customize their set, but they can put together different portions of the four-quadrant set in any way they see fit. In addition to that, it appears that most of the Minecraft sets will be able to connect with one another. So yeah, if you end up buying four or five sets you can totally create a sprawling Minecraft world that may or may not cost you upwards of $200.

Priced at $34.99, this Minecraft Lego set is affordable enough for most people to buy and thankfully doesn’t have the typically high price that most licensed Lego sets tend to have. But with that said I am slightly underwhelmed by this first outing. I’m not a huge Minecraft fan so I wasn’t expecting something massive, but things do seem a bit jumbled together and condensed in some areas. I’m sure things may get better as the series moves on but I’m not quite sure if all the Minecraft fans out there will readily buy this once it’s available.