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Twisted Metal Is Finally Going The Movie Route

Right now a great many of you may be busy cozying up to your loved one to celebrate Valentine’s Day or you’re alone and far busy destroying anything that moves through the vehicular mayhem that’s offered in Twisted Metal. Today PS3 gamers saw the latest entry in the long running Twisted Metal series arrive and so far the reaction has been good, despite the somewhat glum news that developer Eat Sleep Play and series creator David Jaffe would be stepping away from the franchise for a while.  

Sony has yet to lay out the plans for the future of Twisted Metal on PlayStation platforms, I’m sure the initial sales of the new game will factor into such a thing, but Sony as a whole seems rather keen on finally capitalizing on the Twisted Metal fan base.  The premise of Twisted Metal has always been basic to an extent and fueled by certain movie and pop culture references, essentially fulfilling some of the things that David Jaffe enjoys – specifically blowing stuff up in a movie like fashion. Well it may have taken nearly fifteen years, but the Twisted Metal series could finally be making the leap to the big screen in a big budget Hollywood film.

Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures has secured a deal with director Brian Taylor to write and direct a presumably live-action Twisted Metal film.  Those who are movie geeks may recognize Taylor’s name as he was one of the co-creators/co-directors of the Crank franchise in addition to giving us the somewhat good/somewhat terrible film that was Gamer.  Taylor’s latest project is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, a film that I and my colleague Casey White are beyond excited for since it involves such exciting things as a man pissing fire and turning a giant crane into a demonic hellfire tool of destruction.

Taylor may seem like a relatively odd pick to helm a Twisted Metal movie, but seeing as how Ghost Rider is a Sony flick and Taylor has proved that he can direct cool action with a small budget, I can understand why the choice was made. What is interesting is that this will be Taylor’s first solo directing gig as his previous films have all been co-directed with his longtime colleague Mark Neveldine.  It’s unknown if Taylor and Neveldine are just trying separate gigs out for the moment before reuniting for the often talked about Crank 3 or if they've gone their seperate ways for good.

Beyond the deal Taylor has apparently struck with Sony there aren’t any major details behind the Twisted Metal movie. Longtime Sony producing partner Avi Arad will produce the Twisted Metal movie but in the long run that really doesn’t mean anything as he’s just throwing some money around and giving one or two notes here and there.  Given Taylor’s knack for the extreme, I’m sure we can expect a movie that honors the dark and violent vibe that the Twisted Metal series is known for, that’s unless Sony is dumb and opts for a safe PG-13 rating.

Fans of Twisted Metal may be happy to hear that Sweet Tooth could finally come to life in a major Hollywood action flick, but I wouldn’t get too excited at this point. It could be possible that Sony is keen on making a Twisted Metal movie a reality soon, but not much has come out of the other video game endeavors Sony Pictures has done in the last few years such as the Uncharted and Shadows of the Colossus films – both of which remain in development purgatory.

I’ve always digged the style of Brian Taylor and while it’ll be odd to have him direct a movie without Mark Neveldine, I am excited about a potential Twisted Metal movie.  I just hope that the general audience just doesn’t think the movie is Death Race Redux or something silly along those lines. A psychotic clown mask wearing murderer with flaming hair = cinematic gold.