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Metal Gear Solid Cyborg Ninja Figure Is Revealed And It Looks Amazing

I may already have too many video game related products as it stands now, but I’ll likely be adding a few more items to my collection in the near future – one of which will be this exquisite Cyborg Ninja figure.  Today Hideo Kojima took to his Twitter account to do something somewhat rare: he made a Twitter reveal that wasn’t wrapped in a bundle of secrecy that was also serving as an epic teaser. Perhaps all was going well in Kojima’s world today, maybe he’s happy he received the Drive soundtrack, and he decided to give gamers the goods for once instead of making us feel like we were caught with our trousers down.

The existence of this Cyborg Ninja figure, which is part of the Square Enix Play Arts Kai line, was previously known as Kojima posted some prototype images last year. But here we are now several months removed from the initial prototype images and thanks to the wonder that is high-end figure manufacturing we have a look at the finished product.  Maybe it’s just the general color palette and design of Cyborg Ninja, but this figure looks really damn good.  Not many compromises were made to the design of our favorite MGS ninja as all the core details are there such as the different panels/segments and industrial text that appears on his armor.  

Like all Play Arts Kai figures, the Cyborg Ninja figure looks to have some nice articulation as it’s able to strike a few key poses while not looking too clunky or unnatural, which is an unfortunate side effect with some figures.  Whether or not we’ll be able to put Cyborg Ninja in a pose based on when he went crazy and began having convulsions is currently unknown, but maybe there’s an alt set of hands to allow such a thing for optimum play scene poses.

Right now the Cyborg Ninja Play Arts Kai Figure hasn’t received a North American release date but seeing as how all the other Metal Gear Solid figures have been released abroad I’m sure we’ll see it surface sooner rather than later.  Of course the only downside to the figure is that it’ll keep up with the Play Arts Kai tradition of costing around $50-$60, a moderately low price compared to the prices of Sideshow Collectibles but its not exactly common pocket change these days.  As a MGS fanboy and admirer of ninjas I’ll definitely be picking up the Cyborg Ninja figure, even if I need to import the thing to have it in my collection immediately.