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Mortal Kombat Vita Footage Is Impressive, Fast, and Bloody

At last we finally have our first crop of media for Mortal Kombat’s debut on the PlayStation Vita. Formally announced last month, MK’s debut on the Vita may not be coming in the form of an all new adventure, but the promise of 60 fps gameplay, all the DLC characters being unlocked from the get-go, and simply having Mortal Kombat action on the go results in an enticing product for quite a few gamers.  

Thanks to the PlayStation Blog we have our first glimpse at Mortal Kombat running directly off a Vita retail unit, which sadly means we have the all too common off of the shoulder camera angle.  Just as a brief side I must confess my befuddlement over why Sony decided to forgo an AV output on the Vita, or at least the retail units.  Maybe we’ll see such a feature arrive in a revised version of the Vita but for now I just have my fingers crossed that someone out there develops a not too janky solution for capturing Vita footage.

Anyway, back on the topic of MK Vita I must admit that the game looks rather good.  It may be a bit difficult to gauge just how good the characters and backgrounds look in the gameplay video, but everything looks sharp in the direct-feed screens.  Certain elements may show signs of minimal downgrades compared to the PS3/Xbox 360 versions, but the game still looks good and doesn’t appear to be a mediocre port.

For those wondering how developer NetherRealm Studios will be using the touch capabilities of the Vita then you should be happy to hear that those have been revealed. Besides using the front touch screen to perform X-Ray moves and Fatalities, gamers will also be required to wipe off blood which completely covers the screen during combat.  Blood wiping may sound like a rather lame feature, but at least it fits the general over-the-top violent tone of MK.

I’ll once again express my minor disappointment in receiving a Mortal Kombat game that’s a retread of what we experienced last year, but I’m still excited for MK on the Vita.  Some of the initial Vita exclusive features are a bit gimmicky, but other features such as using the SixAxis to balance a character atop a spike pit do sound like fun, if not being nice additions to the Challenge Tower mode.  

WB Games and NetherRealm Studios still haven’t revealed a release date for Mortal Kombat yet, but based on how the game looks in the footage I’m sure we’ll see the game surface in either March or April.