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MirrorMoon - A New Indie Game Worth Checking Out

Those of you that have been with Shogun Gamer for a while know that we tend to like cool indie games.  Now you could say that the indie game label/genre is pretty vague or wide reaching since games like Minecraft were essentially indie until we were able to buy a foam ax from online retailers.  But when it comes to the flavor of indie games that myself and the Shogun Gamer staff dig the most it’s usually the indie games that you hardly ever hear about unless you follow certain underground circles.

Last year my mind was completely blown away by an indie game called Fotonica. Developed by the Milan based indie outfit Santa Ragione, Fotonica was a small but absolutely amazing title that had the perfect meld of abstract visuals, buttery beats, and enjoyable gameplay.  Now Santa Ragione has released their next project and while it’s not a follow-up to Fotonica or directly in the same vein it’s still an indie game that is a step above the rest.

A collaboration between Santa Ragione and fellow game designer Paolo Taje, MirrorMoon is yet another abstract experience but it’s slightly deeper if not more personal compared to Fotonica.  Presented as a fully 3D experience, MirrorMoon puts players on the surface of a small moon armed with only a gizmo somewhat reminiscent of the gun from Portal. With no life of any sort on the surface of the moon and light being non-existent on one half, players need to figure out what to do on this isolated rock and that’s the immediate genius of the game in my view.

The adventure game nature of MirrorMoon and the somewhat abstract experience it offers is simply exciting and fulfills what many games fail to achieve these days: providing us with the unknown.  MirrorMoon has that simple pick up and play feel to it, but the game is a bit tricky to handle or at least understand right off the bat. Questions like “why am I on this red planet?” and “how does this gizmo work?” may be asked, but if you spend a little bit of time with the game and look upward to the eclipse that’s occurring you may be able to understand how to play the game.

Just like Fotonica, MirrorMoon is free to play and can be downloaded directly from Santa Ragione’s website.  If you really enjoy playing indie games that are totally different from what’s on the market then I implore you to give MirrorMoon a chance since it’s one of the most unique offerings I’ve played.