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Kinect Star Wars Footage Once Again Shows That The Force Isn't Strong [Updated]

Yesterday we received a video that was very special for a lot of different reasons. While I may not have made a news post for said video, I did opt to make a brief post on the Shogun Gamer Facebook page. Our loyal readers may know what I’m talking about as I’m referring to the live-action promo video for Kinect Star Wars

Now, some of you may be asking, “Ian, what can be wrong with a live-action Kinect Star Wars promo? Surely, such a thing has to be cool if it has a Darth Vader appearance or even an Ewok cameo.” Well my friends, no immediate comedy, nostalgia, or entertainment was to be had in the Kinect Star Wars promo which featured actor Chris Pratt (Parks & Recreation, Moneyball) playing Obi-Wan as he faced off against Darth Vader, albeit acting like an ass because he was “playing” the game. Aside from the simply painful comedy, ill-fitting Darth Vader helmet, and long length, the Kinect Star Wars promo was an utter failure mostly because it showed absolutely no gameplay, which you know is a big deal when it comes to a video game.

Thankfully, brand spanking new footage of Kinect Star Wars has been released via the XBL live show Kinect All Access.  Despite the already poor reception the game has received, there is a reason to be thankful as this new crop of Kinect Star Wars footage is perfect material to ridicule and more importantly it shows not only how developers shouldn’t do a Kinect game but how the reputation of Star Wars video games can further be sullied.

Outside of some typical hokey material featuring the two hosts of Kinect All Access, a good amount of footage is shown for Kinect Star Wars sans any attempts at immediate humor – at least intentional humor that is.  In the past Kinect Star Wars looked a bit rough at E3 2011 and PAX Prime and this time out it simply looks mediocre and depressing.  Mass glitches may be absent, but the general gameplay still looks stiff and is far from providing the 1:1 movement gamer’s desire from a lightsaber based Star Wars game.

Kinect Star Wars will likely appeal to a few folks and probably go on to sell an absurd amount of units, but the fact that it’s a bit janky is depressing to say the least.  The expectations of gamers and Star Wars fans may have been high given what the Kinect can provide, but to see the game as it is honestly way below what everyone had assumed it would be like. I guess for now we’ll just have to live with Kinect Star Wars one way or another or simply hope that LucasArts knocks it out of the park with the next-gen iteration of the Kinect technology.



New working version of video is up.