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Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain) To Discuss New Tech And Show Demo At GDC 2012

A rare moment of utter excitement has washed over me as Quantic Dream founder/co-CEO David Cage will be making a presentation at GDC 2012 showcasing the new technology powering the next project the studio is producing.  Best known for making the cinematic experiences that were Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream reportedly has two projects in the works, both of which are PlayStation exclusives due to the commercial and critical success Heavy Rain achieved in 2010.  Not much has been said about the next game from Quantic Dream, but initial rumors had it being InfraWorld, a long in development title that has more of a fantasy element compared to Heavy Rain.

We may not receive an official announcement concerning Quantic Dream’s next project just yet, that’s likely to be made at E3, but GDC 2012 will give us our first glimpse at the advances David Cage and his team has done in conveying emotion in video games.  Scheduled to give a sixty minute presentation, Cage will provide a tech demo of the new graphical advancements Quantic Dream has done along with the latest performance capture tech the studio has devised to better capture the essence of actors in a digital medium.  

Some of you may remember that last year Cage commented on the performance capture tech utilized in L.A. Noire saying that it was good but far too expensive and partially limiting.  With L.A. Noire having some of the best facial animations to be featured in a video game, it’s going to be interesting to see how Cage and Quantic Dream will advance the current technology without spending $60 million to offer something that wows us.

Seeing as how this will be the first time Cage will be showing the public what Quantic Dream has been up to since the release of Heavy Rain it could be possible that the next project from the studio will be announced shortly.  There’s still a gaping hole in Sony’s Fall/Holiday 2012 line-up, even with rumored titles like God of War 4 supposedly dropping in November.  So will we see the new game from Quantic Dream announced around or at E3 with a late 2012 release window?  Such a thing is definitely possible but I’m not going to ready my body for it just yet since good things are always prone to be delayed or released at a later date.

Even with a game announcement still up in the air, I’m beyond excited to see what Quantic Dream has in the works. I’ve discussed my feelings on how video games need to capture emotion more and I honestly think Quantic Dream is on the forefront of capturing that, not only through the narrative but though contextual prompts and of course the technology that powers everything.  The expectations of folks such as myself may be lofty but I think David Cage will likely knock it out of the park at GDC in March.

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