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Mad Catz Unveils Tritton Primer Pre-CES

While we’re still waiting on the “official” start to CES, that hasn’t stopped one of our personal favorite peripheral companies from leaking a little bit of a “first look” at their new product line for 2012. Mad Catz today threw up some information concerning the first, of five, of their co-branded headset with Microsoft for the Xbox 360.

Their first release, The Tritton Primer, is a wireless headset for the Xbox that features 5.8ghz wireless tech, full compatibility with the Xbox (of course), the option to adjust game and chat levels individually and two 40mm speakers all with a 10m wireless range.

You can grab the full details (and order) over on the Tritton website if you like, and be sure to check back with us tomorrow for more information on what parent-company Mad Catz has in-store for us in 2012 when we have our annual meeting with them off-site at CES.

Beyond the press release, I have to say this: Looking at a Xbox 360 box (you know the ones, white box with the logo and green swirls) and a black and red headset seems a little like someone mixed up at the boxing plant. The Tritton-themed accessories are a STARK contrast to the light/airy theme that Xbox has built up over the years, and it seems a little bit weird to me.

What’s your opinion on the co-branding idea/look for Mad Catz and Microsoft, and more importantly what do four-more shades of headsets look like to you?