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Get A Small Glimpse At Class3, A XBLA Exclusive Zombie Game

If you’re tired of zombies appearing in video games then I have bad news for you as that trend doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.  With sequels to games like Dead Rising, Dead Island, and new properties such as The Walking Dead (note the common trend of having dead in the title) coming out soon it's clear that zombies are here to stay for better or worse. But while the undead may live on in video games for the next five years we can expect a few innovative titles to come along such as Class3, the XBLA zombie game from Undead Labs.

I’ll be honest in saying that I hadn’t heard much about Class3 (which is a codename btw) aside from a few small details a long time ago. It’s not that I’m not into zombie games, but most of the time we always receive the same thing or at the worst end up with a product that is very clearly trying to cash in on the zombie craze. However, Class3 has me excited for a few reasons. 

Of course the whole reason I have newfound excitement for Class3 is that some early footage has been released. While Undead Labs announced that the game was going to be bound for XBLA nearly a year ago, the studio has opted not to release any teasers or full-on gameplay trailers; that is until now.  As part of a simple studio tour video, some quick snippets of Class3 can be seen being played by developers. 

Now Class3 stays true to the zombie genre in some ways as it’s a 3rd person action/adventure game. But whereas games like Dead Rising had gamers in a sandbox environment, Class3 is going for a truly open-world environment.  To some Class3 may sound like it could be a 3rd person version of Dead Island, but Undead Labs are focusing on things that most zombie games seem to be severely lacking: capturing the feeling of dread when trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Most of the things Undead Labs are hoping to achieve with Class3 may not have been proven to us yet, but with game concepts such as being able to fortify any location, having to scavenge for weapons, and seeing the world evolve through dynamically generated content does sound for a pretty awesome zombie experience.

The footage shown in the studio tour video may look a bit rough in some areas (the animation seems jerky for example) but visually the game does look good for a XBLA title and the scope seems to be perfect if that chainsaw blade scenario is anything to go by.

Its surprising Undead Labs hasn’t blown the lid on Class3 just yet, but I have a feeling it’ll end up being one of the key XBLA releases Microsoft is planning for this Summer.  I know most of us are tired of anything that has zombies in it, I wasn’t thrilled by the inclusion in Saints Row: The Third, but maybe Undead Labs will be able to bring something new to the table that will wow gamers instead of wishing the zombie fad never happened.