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How does the ShogunGamer rating scale work?

We rate games on a scale from 1-10 Ninja Stars. There are no .5 or decimal based ratings. We get right down to brass tax and insure that when we give a game an A+ rating of 9/10, we mean it. To help summarize the exact reasons a product was given a particular rating we include Pro's, Cons and a short Overall opinion at the top of every review. The 10 possible ratings are listed below:

10 (Superb) - While nothing can be totally flawless, some come close. Every so often we are gifted with a gem that transcends the realm of awesome.  It takes a very special product to not only exceed our expectations, but blow us away and achieve a 10/10 ShogunGamer rating.

9 (Excellent) - We really had to dig to find some flaws in this product. We had all of our expectations met and maybe even exceeded them in some areas. We highly recommend these items for purchase. If you are looking to try a certain product for the first time, one rated 9/10 is a great place to start.

8 (Great) - Great products are...well...GREAT! They might have a minor flaw or two but there aren't any major issues when contrasted with all the goodness it brings. Fans will likely want to buy these products and newcomers will likely have a damn fine experience.

7 (Good) -
It's a good product but it does have some obvious downsides. The cons don't ruin the experience, but they hold the product back from being more then just Good. Hardcore fans will likely enjoy the product, but everyone else will want to try before they buy.

6 (Alright) - These products don't really stand out in anyway and might even slightly underperform. There are some redeeming qualities, but they are held back by obvious flaws. When it comes to games and movies, definitely rent or demo any rated 6 or lower before you spend your cash on them.

5 (Mediocre) - An overall underwhelming user experience. Either the flaws in this product overshadow major redeeming values, or there is simply a much better alternative on the market already.

4 (Poor) - This product has missed the mark in a bad way. Maybe it wasn't well thought out? Maybe it was just bad execution of a great idea? In the end, the cons greatly outweigh any chance of good times. Hell it may even be broken in some aspect. Probably not worth your time.

3 (Bad) - Do not pass go. Do not collect this product unless you enjoy being disappointed. Any good qualities it may have only exist to provide a sharp contrast to how crappy it is.

2 (Terrible) - It's beyond bad. If you had a choice between a 2/10 product and socks for Christmas, heavily consider socks.

1 (Disastrous) -
Get a restraining order on this product and avoid it at all costs. These products are so awful they are practically hate crimes. Do not pay for this. In fact, don't even accept money for it.