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SnipperClips [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

SnipperClips is a great showcase of the co-op centric mentality of the new Nintendo Switch. At $10 it would have been a perfect example to show off to your friends what the mentality behind the new console is and where it excels. At $30 though it's a bit much to be asked for such a short experience.

The Pros: 

+Adorable characters and animations
+Simple and fun gameplay/mechanics
+Great example of the co-op/multiplayer ideas of the Nintendo Switch

The Cons: 

-Nigh-unplayable single-player Rating : 

Many have complained about the barren launch line-up of the Switch all the way through from the initial announcement straight past the release of the console. For my money, I’ve always said it’s about quantity, not quality. So, for me personally the release of a new Zelda title was reason enough to go in day one. But sure enough, after 80 hours of Zelda I found myself wonder “what else is there.”


Nintendo Switch [Console Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Nintendo has perfectly captured the emotion of their launch video into a home console. The Nintendo Switch is rife with tradition of the company and takes lessons from their hardware from the NES straight through to the Wii U. More than that, they've made a bold statement about a return to social/couch co-op gaming that we can get behind!

The Pros: 

+Fun to change between modes
+Satisfying and well thought-out transitions
+Real weight and quality in the individual components

The Cons: 

-Weak launch line-up
-Everything is overpriced (games, accessories)
-Launch issues with scratched screens and de-syncing JoyCon Rating : 

Nintendo has a history of making bold choices where hardware is concerned. Sometimes their wild attempts to deviate from the norm have produced unparalleled success, as in the case of the launch of the Wii. In other instances, their attempts to push hardware in new directions has caused a comical failure that echoes through time, like the still hilarious attempt at VR in the ‘90s with the Virtual Boy.

Horizon Zero Dawn [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that would be easy to compare to a few others, most notably Far Cry and Shadow of the Colossus. The end result, however, is something completely unique. The story is much deeper and impressive than I would have anticipated from a game that was sold under the guise of "shoot robot dinosaurs" and the mechanics are much better than the classic "kill animals for materials to make better weapons to kill animals" loop.

The Pros: 

+True next generation graphics and artist design to showcase it.
+Deep gameplay with an appropriate learning curve to make it an obsession long-term.
+A story far better than it ever had the rights to be, considering the platform it was sold on.
+Playstation's best reason to own a console to date, and specifically to own a Playstation Pro.

The Cons: 

-PR's sales pitch of the game is a double-edged sword. The mystery might have intrigued a majority of gamers out there, but much more would have been interested to know how deep the well actually goes and what it's all about. Rating : 

At first glance (or play-through) Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that draws immediate comparison to other “hunter/gather” style games, most notably the Far Cry series in its more recent incarnations. Once you’ve progressed past the initial moments of the game, though, other’s will come to mind like Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus. By the time you get to the third act in the story it’s easy to compare the story to something like Bioshock in its scope and twisting turns.

The Nintendo Switch’s Revitalization of Social Gaming

A couple of days ago, we finally received information regarding the launch of the Switch, including the official date, the price, and details on how the console (and its corresponding controllers the "Joy Cons") would function. Since then there's been all matter of discussion regarding Nintendo's statement on the future of gaming; some see it as a giant leap forward, others as a step backward, and most just see it as far too costly a product with far too few titles at launch.

Fan Expo Vancouver 2016 - Final Thoughts

This past weekend Vancouver played host to the return of the local version of Fan Expo. The show represents, in my opinion, the biggest and most established convention that Vancouver must offer its fandom. There may be shows that are of a larger scale, or perhaps even offer a better representation of their individual fanbases, but Fan Expo seems to be the most recognized and draws in some of the biggest celebrity guest stars that our town sees on an annual basis.

ReCore [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

ReCore would be a really solid entry into an otherwise under-appreciated genre, action/adventure, if it wasn't held back by a host of technical problems. The game lends concepts from titles like Zelda and Mega Man, but falls short on the excution of a lot of its great ideas.

The Pros: 

+Unique and fun take on action combat.
+Plenty of diversity in corebot customization.
+Beautiful world, both open and dungeons. 
+Plenty of great ideas.

The Cons: 

-Loading times are painfully long (even reloading sections).
-Stuttering/lagging and massive frame drops. Rating : 

If the idea of a Zelda-esque adventure title in the far-flung future created by gaming God Keiji Inafune and the creative minds behind Metroid Prime sounds like an exciting prospect, then you might appreciate the amount of fun I had with the first hour of the Microsoft Studios project ReCore. Unfortunately, that kind of high octane excitement is quickly removed due to a host of technical issues that hold the game back from being truly great and instead produce something that I would merely define as "good."

X16 Preview: Halo Wars 2 Campaign

Halo Wars 2’s campaign will be the perfect chance for new players to jump into the franchise, according to 343 Industries’ studio head.


X16 Preview: Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer

I was pretty excited when I found out Halo Wars 2 would be playable at X16.


X16 Preview: Flinthook

One of the gems at X16 was roguelike action platformer Flinthook.


X16 Preview: Dead Rising 4

It’s been a long time since I’ve delved into the world of zombie mayhem, but with a steady mix of the undead and Christmas, Dead Rising 4 is sure to be the game that brings me back.

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