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Tekken 6!!

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This game was announced so long ago and it's finally coming out next week! Of course, if you're not a fan of Tekken, this version probably won't change your opinion. If you do like Tekken, then this is the best one yet because...


- 40+ character roster

- Amazing graphics/stages, for example:

electric fountain

Spoiler: Highlight to view

- Scenario mode (aka Tekken Force), it's basically taking the characters and putting them into an action-style game fighting lots of enemies. 

Yoshimitsu and dumb AI partner in Scenario (there is also online co-op for this mode)

Spoiler: Highlight to view

- Tons of customization

Korean website showing all of it:

in-game screenshot

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Lastly, if you're new to fighting games, or not so good at them, I think Tekken is easier than most to learn. Also, it's not very likely that the same few characters will be picked over and over a la Ryu/Ken SF4. From playing at the arcades and briefly on Tekken 5 DR Online, everyone seems to have their own preferred character, usually with a unique customization too.

And, oh yeah, my favorite trailer for the game

"Power is Everything"

Spoiler: Highlight to view



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