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Random ramblings on the BAYONETTA First Climax demo

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BAYONETTA being spelled in all caps (it doesn't look like you can buy the game using your indoor voice).

The title of the demo alone aroused my curiosity.

There's three difficulty modes: normal, easy (where the game appears to become a $60 quick time event full motion video) and very easy which isn't available in the demo but I can only assume the game just sits there and plays with itself.

The combat moves are fluid butt kicking fun. One in particular allows you to activate 'bullet climax' which allows you to shoot your load.. of bullets. Of BULLETS.

The ingame currency of 'halos' is an example of capitalism in the wackiest degree when in this world you need the life force of angles encased in metal rings to pay for a jug of milk at the local corner store.

This game has more silky hair and thinly veiled double entendres than those old Herbal Essence commercials.