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Lol at Yahoo!

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Yahoo just posted a list of stuff that break or something, stuff that you buy for x-mess, guess who made it to the list? the PS3.



now here is what yahoo said:


"Sony PlayStation 3


It’s all fun and games until the rechargeable battery dies. Unlike its competitors, which use replaceable AA batteries, the PS3’s remote control is screwed shut. When the battery goes, Sony customers have to blow $55 on a new controller. Some customers have complained that the PlayStation 3 battery isn’t replaceable, but Sony says the PS3’s controller has “proven to be a reliable accessory,” giving customers years of use. The company also says there’s an “environmental benefit” since gamers don’t have to toss their batteries on a regular basis. Isidor Buchmann, president of battery-equipment maker Cadex Electronics, says captive batteries are becoming common because it’s cheaper for companies to eliminate the battery housing and hatch."



can somebody tell me where or when did someone's ps3 battery die? i never heard of this, this is bullshit lol.