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PlayStation 3 Slim review

Overall Feeling: 

The PS3 Slim may not be completely slim as it still has heft to it but the design as a whole works really well. Design wise it's almost a throwback to the PS2 and the new design definitely helps the console to be more accessible instead of it being a giant monolith that people associated with as "the console that costs too much."

The Pros: 

Matte finish comes across really nice; the new Eject and Power buttons are small changes but add a small sense of depth to the design. SpiderMan font is gone.

The Cons: 

Some people will hate the matte finish; logo could've used more of a pop. It would've been nice if it wasn't as wide. Rating : 

The story of the PlayStation 3 Slim has been an interesting one.  When production photos leaked online in late May reactions to the console was quite mixed.

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