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Review: Video game cover band Tanuki Suit Riot

Overall Feeling: 

Enjoyable, funky-fresh, jazzy rock covers and mash-ups of classic retro games and pop music. Any video game fans in California should support this group and stop by a show!

The Pros: 

Fantastic solos and break downs, specifically the guitar solos! Great composition in mash-ups and bonus points for live instruments!

The Cons: 

Sometimes saxophone / horn sections drag or miss their mark. This happens mostly in their older slower tempo tracks, but it's by no means game over for this band. Rating : 

In my random Internet wanderings a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a kick ass band in California named Tanuki Suit Riot who plays video game covers and mash-ups. This type of band is not really a new thing, but it's their choice of style that particularly caught my personal interest.

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