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Pokemon Black/White [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Pokémon Black and White are superb additions to the Pokémon franchise that bring upgrades to every major game play system, enhanced graphics and 150 brand-new Pokemon to catch and train. Unfortunately, it still has the exact same basic premise as every other Pokemon game leaving you with the feeling that you've done all this before.

The Pros: 

+150 new Pokemon to the series, bringing the grand total up to 649.

+All 649 have had their graphics redone and actually animated for once.

+The two new battle types create entirely different party dynamics new to the series thanks to the greater emphasis on party position and order.

+Plus, the story of Team Plasma trying to stop the "constant abuse" that Pokemon are put through by battling is more mature and interesting than any previous Pokemon game.

The Cons: 

-It's still the same ole Pokemon. Collect your starter Pokemon, explore the world and defeat the eight gym leaders to become the very best! There is nothing new to be found in the basic, underlying premise. Rating : 

Pokémon is an odd game to review. If you were to look at it in a vacuum, you'd find a surprisingly large world to explore that is full of colourful characters, interesting creatures and a near endless supply of things to do. All of this tied around a battle system that is painfully easy to grasp but has an incredible amount of depth to it once you really start to dig in.

EA Sports 5-in-1 Gamer Kit for the Nintendo DS [Product Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The EA Sports Gamer Kit may not be the sleek DS accessory pack some desire but if you’re a baseball fan then it’s a gold mine. Featuring a nice case and skin for your DS, the package knocks it out of the part in terms of the value as it’s one of the nicest themed DS accessories packs I’ve laid eyes on.

The Pros: 

The carrying case is well made and sturdy. Headphones sound solid though the comfort level may not be quite there. Applying the DS skin is easy and more importantly it looks nice once applied.

The Cons: 

Headphones are a bit too small. The overall style maybe a bit too kid centric for some older gamers. Rating : 

It’s said that baseball is the national past time of the U.S., a sport that for well over a century has become ingrained in the nation.  Despite a somewhat shaky history in the past few years, baseball is still as popular as ever, especially with the World Series almost upon us.  So what better way to combine ones love of baseball and video games than with the EA Sports baseball Gamer Kit for the Nintendo DS.

No Exaggeration for Scribblenauts: “Write Anything. Solve Everything.”

Overall Feeling: 

The highly ambitious idea is solid but some game elements were lost because of all the wild content. I can’t deny that summoning up crazy objects like Cthulu isn’t kick ass, but 5th Cell developers seem to have spent all their time creating the database of items and forgetting about simple things that make a game more enjoyable.

The Pros: 

The vast amount of imaginable items players can conjure up
. Objects respond to the surroundings surprisingly well. 
Has a great level editor with plenty of options 
Numerous solutions for each level make excellent replay-ability
. Lots of things to unlock
. Great for people who can’t spell.

The Cons: 

Controls are easy but are also very clunky. 
Lack of indication in puzzle levels. 
The multitude of content took away from some much needed polish and tweaking (resulting in some glitches). 
No storyline Rating : 

Scribblenauts was deemed the most anticipated game for the Nintendo DS because of the ability to finish a level using an entirely unique method every time. This is done by typing in any conceivable object (no swear words) into the game and having the game render the item out into the level. The main character, Maxwell, is then capable of using the item in any way he sees fit. This proves to be highly entertaining for creative players.

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