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Sleeping Dogs Goes The Horror Route With Nightmare in Northpoint DLC [Video]

It may be a common theme now since past endeavors have proved successful as Sleeping Dogs is the latest game to release a Halloween/horror themed DLC add-on.  Rockstar Games got the ball rolling two years ago with the release of RDR: Undead Nightmare and then Sucker Punch released the massively successfully Infamous 2 add-on Festival of Blood.  Now Square Enix and United Front Games are stepping up to the plate with their own brand of horror in Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in Northpoint.

EX Troopers Hands-On [Preview]

Capcom hasn’t exactly been as forthcoming as we wanted them to be on the matter, but even if the Lost Planet spin-off that is EX Troopers isn’t coming to the West we can ultimately get a small taste of the project.  Since Capcom hinted that EX Troopers wouldn’t be coming westward any time soon gamers have been outright annoyed since the game looks better than how we all thought it would be. 

Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 3 Is Now Available

If you have been wanting Halo: Forward Unto Dawn to pick up some steam in a sense and go balls to the wall with action then you’re bound to be happy today.  Episode three of Halo: Forward Unto Dawn has been released today and as expected it picks up from the climatic end of episode 2, but from there it goes into full-on action mode that will likely have the hearts of the Halo nation in complete flutter mode.

Wreck-It Ralph Is Front and Center In These New Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Screens

Potentially stirring up debates of marketing pushed too heavily within a game, Sega has released some new screens showcasing the appearance Wreck-It Ralph, the main character of the upcoming Disney CG film of the same name, in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.  Announced rather subtly earlier this Summer via a Sega blog post, Sega has released brand new screens showing Ralph and classic Sega characters in some rather intense yet colorful kart racing action.

Strike Suit Zero Surfaces Again With A Kickstarter Campaign

Making games isn’t an easy or cheap thing to do and in some cases some help is required. Thankfully the phenomenon that is Kickstarter proved that gamers are interested in funding games they’re interested in and today yet another game has gone the Kickstarter route: Strike Suit Zero.

Sega Goes Old-School With The Model 2 Collection

The moments in which I will whole heartedly give a company my money without a second thought is rare, but such a thing is the case with the latest reveal made by Sega. Certain choices made by Sega may seem questionable such as the Anarchy Reigns debacle, but the company is doing gamers a solid by releasing the ode to old-school gaming that is the Model 2 Collection.

Nihilistic Software Changes Company Focus, Rebrands As New Company

News of developers shuttering or changing their focus may sadly be becoming an all too familiar occurrence and today news has broke that yet another developer is shifting gears.  The news may not be as dire as the layoffs and subsequent move to mobile games that LightBox Interactive recently took, but developer Nihilistic has announced that the company will be going the digital route for the foreseeable future.

Anarchy Reigns May Finally Have A NA Release Date/Price

At long last a North American release date may have finally been given to the Platinum Games produced multiplayer brawler that is Anarchy Reigns. There may be a sense of déjà vu with this news considering that we’ve already had two “release window” confirmations for Anarchy Reigns, but this latest date for the game could be the one that sticks.

Starhawk Developer Lightbox Interactive To Issue Layoffs, Potential Studio Closure Inbound [Update 2]

Some rather sad news has surfaced today which may sting hard amongst those in the PlayStation 3 camp.  Official news hasn’t come in through the expected sources, but word has it that Starhawk developer LightBox Interactive will be issuing major layoffs and could be on the cusp of closing entirely in the next few days.

Sony and Darkhorse Announce The Last of Us: American Dreams

Comic books based on video games still seem to be a thing, at least as good marketing tools, as another Sony property is going the comic route.  Following in the steps of Infamous and Uncharted, Sony has announced that their forthcoming survival thriller The Last of Us will receive a new comic book series.

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