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Splash Damage Ready To Announce Their Next Project

The games industry hasn’t been too kind to certain U.K. development studios such as Eurocom, but others such as Splash Damage are still thriving on could be on the verge of the next big thing. After releasing the rather decisive and somewhat iffy FPS Brink, Splash Damage is ready to unveil it’s latest endeavor and of course it’s doing the now industry expected standard of announcing an announcement of an announcement.

Resident Evil: Revelations Could Be Making An Appearance On The PS3/Xbox 360

Port begging may have finally paid off in a rather unlikely way.  No matter what games may be available for certain consoles there’s always a desire to have something we can’t have - in this case a game for platform X.  Despite most games being multiplatform in nature, there are still a few platform exclusives here and there but Capcom could be doing PS3/Xbox 360 gamers and Resident Evil fans in particular, a huge solid by porting Resident Evil: Revelations.

Eurocom (007 Legends) Issues Major Layoffs and Changes Company Focus

The video game industry has not been a gentle beast to yet another development studio which has been forced to issue massive layoffs and shift its focus as a company in an attempt to stay alive.  Today U.K. based developer Eurocom announced that it will be shedding the majority of it’s staff and focusing on mobile efforts in the future due to the continued economic shifts and lackluster performances from their last few titles.

Bayonetta Set To Appear In The Western Release Of Anarchy Reigns

It may have taken roughly a year and a half for the game to finally hit our shores, but the brawler that is Anarchy Reigns is still a thing that will actually see the light of day.  Gamers in Japan may have been lucky to have the game since July, yet for some reason Sega decided to delay the game from releasing in the west until 2013, January 2013 to be exact as per the last major update that was given.

First Impression: Nintendo Wii U

First impressions often set the mood for all things in life. Think of the time you met that guy who smelled of Bisquick and skunk. Did you stay friends with him? Likely not, because he ate 12 half stakes and forgot to shower. With Nintendo's launch of the Wii U over the weekend, has it become my new BFF or the smelly kid no one talks too?

Dance Central 3 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Dance Central, with two previous titles, is a well-established series. It’s not something that needs any further explanation at this point beyond “That Harmonix game where you dance like a lunatic in front of your TV for the bemusement of your drunken friends.” If you’ve picked up Dance Central 3, or are considering it, you likely know exactly what you’re getting into.

The Pros: 

+Far more diverse set-list then the previous games.

+Funny, if not slightly cheesy, ‘story mode’ in the vein of Elite Beat Agents.

+Gangnam Style DLC announced.

The Cons: 

-Shorter set-list than other games in the genre.

-Dance party mode only offers the set-list via SmartGlass. Rating : 

When the Kinect originally launched, two years ago now, there was only one thing that had me excited for the hardware (I mean, aside from the potential and the games we were all dreaming up; I mean real, announced titles). That game was Dance Central. “Harmonix is allowing gamers an excuse to dance like fools in the safety of their own living rooms?” I thought.

Uncharted: Fight For Fortune Is A Thing, Details/Video Released

Pulled deep within a tomb of “Why the hell does this game exist?”, Sony has officially announced Uncharted: Fight For Fortune. The next PlayStation Vita installment in the Uncharted series, this latest entry forgoes the standard pulp action & adventure tone that gamers love in favor of being a turn-based card game. Yup, it’s time for Nathan Drake to deliver epic punches via the wonders of waiting your turn and issuing the deadly kapow card.

Assassins Creed 3 [Review] - Loading Woes and Small Issues Steal the Show.

Overall Feeling: 

Assassins Creed 3 ends up feeling rushed and forced in a lot of areas. While the naval combat system is by far the shining star of this title, it feels like a lackluster ending to what I’ve felt is one of the most promising and interesting franchises in gaming.

The Pros: 

+Naval combat is so good it could be a stand alone game.

+Impressive graphics and cinematics make for solid presentation.

+A concise (theoretical) ending to the franchise.

+Beautiful and fun hand to hand combat.

The Cons: 

-Story is not friendly to casual franchise fans.

-Terrible loading design.

-Lackluster and shallow missions.

-User interface is needlessly cumbersome.

-New features meant to expand on past games are just tedious and meaningless. Rating : 

I’ve had a rather love/hate relationship with the Assassins Creed franchise. For me, it seems to be a never-ending cycle where Ubisoft announces a game that sounds amazing on paper (and looks incredible in trailers!), but when I sit down to play it, a huge amount of small-issues add up to ruin the experience of what should have been an incredible game. Assassins Creed 3 (AC3) managed to once again follow this trend. I guess they get points for consistency.

The Monster Brawler That Is Kaiju Combat Surfaces Yet Again

Receiving a second chance can often be good in most situations, especially when it involves a unique fighting concept that should become a reality.  Earlier this year we saw the indie outfit at Sunstone Games reveal Kaiju Combat, the first of a potential multi-franchise series that would see giant monsters made famous in Japanese cinema (such as Mothra for example) go wild against other similar beasts of a giant nature in a fighting game setting.

Sony Bend (Syphon Filter, Uncharted: Golden Abyss) Staffing Up For New Vita Project

Some disappointment may have been present when it was revealed that the Vita bound Uncharted: Fight or Fortune was a card/gambling game, but hope may not be lost for a proper sequel to Uncharted: Golden Abyss.  Performing well, both critically and commercially, a new Uncharted Vita game was likely expected to happen yet the question still stood of exactly when. Well based on a recent job listing we could receive such goodness somewhat soon.

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