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Battlefield 3 Panel Live Blog

Anothery early morning for us here at GDC 2011 in California's beatutiful city by the bay, San Francisco; and that means there are a whole bunch of panels and keynotes for us to attend again. But out of all the ones that are being presented to us today the one we are most excited for (as gamers) has got to be the Battlefield 3 panel presetned to us by EA and DICE. With DICE being there we can expect some kind of mutiplayer news and maybe some gameplay information since DICE are the ones of charge of multiplayer development for BF3.

Battlefield 3 Gameplay First Look and the Frostbite 2 Engine

The guys over at DICE released another, what I would consider to be, teaser length trailer for Battlefield 3 today.  This time though we are finally given a taste of what the gameplay will look like.  Looking over the video quite a few times I realize what we are shown is not cinematics its solid gameplay, from stepping out of the back of an APC, to dragging team members off the battlefield, and the most important forgotten feature, prone position.  I’d say EA and DICE are bringing back the BF series in full force.

Versus: Jak and Daxter vs. Ratchet and Clank

Well today I came up with a sort of cartoonish, but still awesome, match for you guys. This week's matchup is Ratchet and Clank vs. Jak and Daxter. This fight should be a good one. With both iconic Playstation duos possessing a vast armory on them at all times the fight should be filled with explosions, beat downs, and even a few Michael Jackson dance moves brought to you by Jak and Daxter. Both have been Video Game Icons for well over a decade now and with Sony's Heroes on the Move coming out this year this dream showdown may actually come true.

ShogunGamer's Most Anticipated Games of 2011

Well everyone 2011 is here which means new games are right around the corner. I know some of the good ones are already out. Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2 for the PS3, LittlebigPlanet 2, so on and so much to talk about! But there are still so many more games to look forward to this year we thought it would be good for, not just us, but you too, if we wrote a most anticipated article for you to read. I mean why not this year is going to be a great year for games! Hell it sure can be worse than last years three good games we got.

Eagle Eye USB Mouse & Keyboard Converter (REVIEW)

Overall Feeling: 

I believe without a doubt that any PC gamer will absolutely adore the Eagle Eye by Penguin United. The familiar controls that are easy to customize, it is a must have for you Dual-Shock haters out there.

The Pros: 

Every good thing about using Eagle Eye is right on the box, “Aim Better, Move Faster, Ownage Never Comes Easier”. For the most part, these claims are very true given that you are already acquainted with a mouse and keyboard. The Eagle Eye is easy to set up and simplified for a “fluff” free experience. It is also equipped with a very long USB cable for a nice set up anywhere on your entertainment stand.

The Cons: 

For people who are more comfortable, or better with a joystick/controller I suggest you stay away from this. It doesn’t work with very many (if any at all) high-quality gaming mice that are available for Windows. At the somewhat steep price of $69.99us there seem to be a lot cheaper (not necessarily better) options out there. Rating : 

I entered my gaming lifestyle running things in Counter Strike and the likes on a PC. As it turns out, with the evolution of console gaming, I would lose touch with my roots. I was all over the opportunity to review this Eagle Eye converter just based on the possibility to combine my life of console gaming with my roots of WASD pwnage. I opened the box thinking I was going to be graced with a lavishly designed piece of awesome that would transform my Dual Shock 3 into a Razor Mouse and Keyboard (I was wrong of course). Instead I was introduced to the simple and linear Eagle Eye.

Gateway Games

In my every day and my profession, my conversations always drift to video games. No matter who I speak with they are always quick to jump on their stories. The most common story told by a stranger is the "how I got started gaming" story. I have never really understood why that is the first story told by gamers, maybe it reveals more then we think.

PS3 Hacked by infamous Iphone Hacker George Hotz

Earlier today the BBC reported that George Hotz the man made famous by his skill at unlocking the Iphone claims he has unlocked the PS3.

PS3 had previously been one of the harder consoles to hack lasting more than 3 years unscathed until now. This latest version of the hack should get a lot of us excited for he has also managed to make the unit backwards compatible to PS2 games. 

[Review] Assassin's Creed II

Overall Feeling: 

For the most part it's a fun game jumping from rooftop to rooftop assassinating fools that could've used a lot more polish.

The Pros: 

Parkour actions are pretty solid. Duel wrist blades are rad. A lot of detail went into the look of the cities.

The Cons: 

Story which tries its best to not let you in on it. Really poor level design in some places. Rating : 

This review of AC2 was made by a multi-matter state team of various faiths, beliefs and are neither Mac¹ nor PC (..politically correct).

Assassin's Creed II - now with 'a bit of sex'!

Speaking about Assassin's Creed II (or ACII for those of us in the know) for a second. It certainly looks amazing with the double stiletto stabs, rad Venetian masks and such, but there is one gripe I have with it. One that I'll often get into long discussions to with anyone that will listen (and after restraining orders were filed by them, random people I call in the phone book who ask questions like 'what's an Xbot?'). And that one thing is that the game isn't sexy enough.

Max Payne Is Back and He Needs A Shave

Today Rockstar Games officially announced the somewhat announced/quasi rumored Max Payne 3 which is set for a winter release on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. While the game was announced in 2004 via a Take-Two executive not much has been known since then other than that Remedy, the original developer for the first two Max Payne installments, would not be handling development duties since they’re busy with the long in development 360 exclusive Alan Wake. Instead development duties will be handled by Rockstar Vancouver.

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