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Playstation 3

PS Retrospective: Twisted Metal Series

To kick-off PlayStation month, we're going to look back at the series that made me the loyal PlayStationite I am today: Twisted Metal. Twisted Metal not only secured my purchase of the first gen PlayStation, it also began my obsession with vehicular combat games.

Not sure what vehicular combat games are? Well, that's because they are an endangered genre these days. But back in the mid-to-end 90's, it was all the craze. Carmageddon, Interstate 76, Vigilante 8... all these existed because of Twisted Metal.


One thing that I'm constantly asked about by customers is "Why are they removing features?" This is, of course, in regard to the current-gen versions of certain games. It happened with the September release of NHL 15, and it's happening again with the upcoming November 18th release of WWE 2k15.

Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalker 2012 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

With ten versatile decks, expanded deck customization, a new game mode and all of the usual Magic: The Gathering goodies, this game is a great deal for its low $10 pricetag. Just like the real card game you will find yourself cursing at the computers amazing topdeck as often as you find yourself cheering your amazing victory that you pulled directly out of your ass. This is Magic at its core.

The Pros: 

+ Expanded deck customization from the original.

+ The regular and revenge campaigns, along with their puzzles, are a lot of fun and can be quite challenging.

+ Great experience for a completionist who can work to unlock all of the decks, cards and achievements.

+ $10 pricepoint

The Cons: 

- The new Archenemy format is more frustrating than fun.

- Multiplayer has some issues such as a lack of players online and some connectivity problems. Rating : 

It is important that I lay some groundwork for this review, I am a very experienced Magic: The Gathering player. I have been playing Magic for more than 15 years and have even done some competing in tournaments. Someone who has never played Magic before may have a different perspective, it would be hard for me to say.

Fist-Bump or Bitch-Slap: PSN or Bioware

This is the love/hate relationship between the video game industry and myself. Every week I will pick someone who gets my Fist-bump for doing a good deed, someone who gets my undesirable Bitch-Slap for doing something wrong (or just something that pisses me off), and I'll share my experience/opinion along the way.

Some Hands on Time With Fallen Frontier [PAX East 2011]

Indy row at PAX is often one of the most fun places to be in the entire convention and you can find some amazing hidden gems in there. One of those gems this year was Fallen Frontier. I got to spend some time talking to the good folks at Moonshot Games and they gave me a hands-on walkthrough of the title. Spoiler alert, it was good.

Duke Nukem Preview [PAX East 2011]

Duke Nukem, let's be honest here, he is the bad-ass of video games. Duke doesn't go shark fishing with a fishing pole; he does it with his bare-freaking-hands. Duke doesn't need a spaceship to save the galaxy from some giant, life-force eating apocalypse; he'll just wait for them to get to where he is and punch their general in the face.

With that said, is 2K games doing the forbidden game from our childhood past justice? Well the answer to that question is: both yes and no.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Live Blog [PAX East 2011]

It should come to no one’s surprise here at Shogun that Deus Ex is one of my favorite games of all time. So when I heard that Square Enix is creating a sequel to the first RPG I ever played. I got really excited. Then it was followed by a feeling of caution. What if the gameplay of the Deus Ex franchise didn't stand the test of time. Well today I get to find out as the community over here at PAX East 2011 ask Square Enix questions about one of the most badass RPG's of all time. Come back here to Shogun Gamer, on this article, to follow the live blog for the Deus Ex Q&A.

Update: There was a slight typo in the blog everybody. During the key Q&A there was no annoucement of a demo at all. This was specualtion and assumption on my part and I forgot to type this into the answer.

Original Answer was: Demo will be release on steam, xbl, and psn.

True Answer was supposed to be: I assume demo will be release on steam, xbl, and psn.

I prefusely apologize and hope you continue to come back to shogun gamer for more news and coverage of future conventions.

Bulletstorm Already Announces New DLC Patch, Gun Sonata.

In less than 24 hours after the games release the fine folks at EA, Epic Games, and People Can Fly have already announced DLC packs to their newest critically-acclaimed hit, Bulletstorm. Being called Gun Sonata, the DLC will include three new maps for the Anarchy multiplayer mode. The maps will span from the disgusting Sewers of Stygia to the dilapidated ruins of Hotel Elysium.  These maps are sure to bring in some more fun into Bulletstorm's highly innovative new multiplayer modes.

Bionic Commando: a decent way to spend a couple hours

Overall Feeling: 

Simple, solid, fun. The game is short and sweet, and handles well. But the steep learning curve might put a lot of people off. You'll need to be willing to invest at least an hour or two to get the -swing- of things.

The Pros: 

Better than average first person shooter.
Easy achievements/trophies.
Rewarding swing mechanic.

The Cons: 

Steep learning curve.
Linear game play.
Terrible story. Rating : 

Alright, so this review is a bit behind. To be honest I’ve been struggling to catch up on games of recent. I found myself with a plethora of games sat beside my TV and wasn’t exactly sure where to go first. But after playing around with a few games I decided to push through Bionic Commando.

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