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PlayStation Retrospective: Jade Cocoon

Does anyone here remember Poké-Mania? These days, Pokémon clones are a dime a dozen. Just log onto iStore or Google Play and I'm sure you'll find another soulless Pokémon clone with poorly designed monsters. But back in the tail-end of the '90s, the subgenre of Pokémon clones was just beginning, and back then they actually tried. Some games had their charms like Monster Rancher. Others like Digimon, had awesome monsters, but failed to find their footing in the gaming world.

Sony Announces A New Promotion Rooted In Grooming

Sony is continuing their push at promoting their major 1st party games through mainstream products with the latest promotion being a partnership targeted for gamers who may need to shave their neck beards every now and then.  Hitting shelves this week are a series of Edge and Schick products adorned with PlayStation characters ranging from a Helghast soldier to Cole from Infamous 2. Yes, the PlayStation brand has now invaded the male grooming market.

Versus: Jak and Daxter vs. Ratchet and Clank

Well today I came up with a sort of cartoonish, but still awesome, match for you guys. This week's matchup is Ratchet and Clank vs. Jak and Daxter. This fight should be a good one. With both iconic Playstation duos possessing a vast armory on them at all times the fight should be filled with explosions, beat downs, and even a few Michael Jackson dance moves brought to you by Jak and Daxter. Both have been Video Game Icons for well over a decade now and with Sony's Heroes on the Move coming out this year this dream showdown may actually come true.

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